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CREDIT: Sue Clark

Postcards from Home

Postcards from Home was a project involving participants creating postcards at locations five miles from home. Whilst, over the years, postcards have had other uses, they are primarily associated with communication from those away from home; typically on holiday. With pictures conveying a thousand words, they allowed holidaymakers to share the joys of their exotic destinations without having to write pages of narrative. 

But why should postcards only portray tourist destinations?

Organised as a collaborative project by the Landscape Group of the Royal Photographic Society (RPS), Postcards from Home features postcards created by members of the society to illustrate features and views of their own localities. Some participants chose to portray attractive views, whilst others took a more documentary approach. All of the postcards feature some accompanying text to explain the photographer's project.

All ways of undertaking this project were equally welcome, and the diversity of responses made the project interesting.

Alongside this gallery, a book featuring all the postcards will be created and sent to all who enrolled for the project.