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Sound-Scapes is a collaborative project run jointly by the RPS Landscape and Audio-Visual groups.  The aim is for participants to produce audio-visual (AV) presentations as a means of showcasing landscape photography and to explore AV as a method of showing photographs in an engaging and meaningful way.

Members of the RPS AV and Landscape groups are particularly encouraged to participate but all members of the RPS, and non-members, are very welcome. There will be a nominal charge to non-members of the society for taking part in some events that form part of the project.

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3001868 Steve Hunter Sweeping Tide Eigg
CREDIT: Steve Hunter FRPS

How to take part

For members who are new to creating AV presentations, there will be an online introductory event during which there will be a showcase of different approaches to landscape AVs and an overview of what is involved in their production. This event is free to all but registration is required. This event is open to all and at this stage you are not committing yourself to take part. There will be a second stage registration for those who, having attended the introduction, decide that they wish to participate. The introductory event will take place from 10:00 to 12:00 on Saturday 20th April via Zoom.

If you wish to take part in Sound-Scapes but are unable to attend the introductory event you should register your interest so that we can email you an invitations for subsequent events.

Following the introductory event there will be an online practical workshop run by experienced AV practitioners who will explain in much more detail how to get to work on creating your own Landscape AV. The practical workshop will take place via Zoom at 10:00 on Saturday 29 June. The programme for this event has not yet been finalised so the finishing time is not yet known.

All work must conform to the Landscape Group’s definition of “landscape” i.e.

“Landscape” photography is defined as the photographic portrayal of all elements of the land, sea and sky whether natural or built or influenced by human endeavour. Examples include mountains, hills, farmland, coasts, bodies of water, forests and populated and industrial areas. Images may be created using traditional or other techniques (including but not limited to infrared, multiple exposures, intentional camera movement, abstraction, minimalism and post-processing).

Following the practical workshop there will be further support offered to participants via one or two more similar online technical workshops, potential buddying or creation of small peer groups etc.

Images used for your AV may have been taken at any time but must be your own creation.

Soundtracks used must be either your own creation or from licensed sources. Evidence of copyright ownership and/or possession of required licences will be required as part of the submission process at the end of the project. Information on acquiring licenses will be given during the practical How To workshop

The project will run during 2024 with a final submission date of 31 January 2025.



3510170 Mark Sims Arps Dreaming Of Summer Days

Outputs from Sound-Scapes

All AVs created and submitted as part of the project will be featured on a web gallery (or galleries) / YouTube channel(s) hosted by the RPS Landscape and AV groups.

A selection of submitted AVs will be screened during a special online event at the end of the project.

A selection of AVs will be screened during the Landscape Group’s residential conference in March 2025.

A selection of AVs will be screened during the Landscape Group’s 10-year anniversary celebrations in 2026.

Credit: Gregor Roach
Credit: Gordon Brown
Credit: Lindsay Southgate


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Examples and Inspiration

The RPS AV group has created a YouTube channel featuring a number of landscape audio-visual presentations. 

YouTube Channel
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If you wish to participate you must register your interest so that we are able to contact you at various stages of the project. 

Register here

Costs of participation

Participation is free to all members of the RPS.  There will be nominal charges to non-members for some events and workshops organised as part of the project.

Participants may choose to use free software to create their AVs or may choose to use licensed software for which they will incur a fee. Using free software is acceptable and options for doing this will be explained during the practical workshop(s).

Participants may to choose to create their own soundtracks (musical, verbal or other) or to use royalty-free soundtracks or to purchase a license for the use of particular music etc.

Likely costs of licenses will be outlined during the introductory evening.