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To The Lighthouse By Steve Hammett
CREDIT: Steve Hammett

What We Do

RPS Landscape Group

Taking Part

We aim to support our members in developing their skills in creating landscape imagery, whether this is with a traditional or a more contemporary approach. To this end we offer the following benefits

Convergence By Honey Walker
CREDIT: Honey Walker

Processing Circles

The processing circles are run in monthly Zoom meetings to enable group discussions and exchange of ideas. One member each month submits a RAW image for the other members to edited. It has been fascinating seeing how different people approach the editing of the same image. 

Find out more, here

The four processing circles are managed by Irene Stupples, Jim Stupples, Leigh Foster and Howard Fisher.

An Oak And The Fairfield Horseshoe By Chris Burgess
CREDIT: Chris Burgess

Print Circles

Physical prints are circulated for constructive critique amongst the Print Circle members. The optimal number of members in each circle is 8 - 10. Two or 3 pouches are circulated concurrently, each person being asked to try and turn the pouch around in 2 weeks (maximum 3 weeks).

Read more details and an example of the process here

We have three print circles managed by Diana Wynn and Doug Lodge. 

St Thomas A'becket, Fairfield, By Peter Nest LRPS

eCritique Circles

Digital images are circulated amongst the eCritique Circle members each month. The optimal number of members in each circle is about 10. 

Martyn’s eCircle is a monthly Zoom meeting where members share their experiences of workshops, courses, new techniques, interesting photography articles etc.

Find out more, here

The eCritique circles are managed by Martyn Bennett, David Travis and Mark Sims. 


Newsletter & Magazine

Members are encouraged to submit articles and images for publication in the group's Newsletter and printed magazine.

If you have an idea for an article for the Newsletter, please send a brief synopsis of the purpose and content of the piece. Please submit your images as jpeg attachments, sized to 72 dpi with 1200 pixels along the longest edge and borderless. Please send submissions to

Those wishing to contribute to the print magazine should contact the editor, Robert Brittle, at

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1080 X 605 Light Over The Fens By John Mcdowall
CREDIT: John Mcdowall

Social Media

The group has a presence on both Facebook and Instagram.

Our Facebook page is a private group, for RPS Landscape Group members only, aimed at providing a platform for constructive criticism and feedback for members' images.

You can link to the page here.

Instagram users can follow the group's account, @rpslandscape. Members can add the hashtag #rpslandscape when they post a landscape image to their own Instagram feed and a selection will be reposted from the group's account.

Our Instagram feed can be viewed here


Little Langdale By Peter Milton LRPS
CREDIT: Peter Milton LRPS

Member-Led Events

The group runs a rich programme of both professional workshops and member led events. Our professional workshops include a mixture of location based instruction and post-processing tuition. During the ongoing coronavirus lockdown, we are running a number of on-line events with some of our regular leaders.

Some of the most rewarding have been organised by our members. If you have a good knowledge of an area, its best vantage points and when the light is likely to be at it best then you have the makings of a field trip.

Please contact our member-led events manager, Dave Glenn at Dave will be happy to help you to put your event together and publish it on our web pages.

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We aim to support our members in developing their skills in creating landscape imagery, whether this is with a traditional or a more contemporary approach. To this end we offer the following benefits:

  • Professionally led workshops on a variety of topics
  • Member led field trips to locations across the UK
  • A regular eNewsletter
  • A print magazine every 8 months
  • Print and eCritique circles 
  • Processing circles
  • A members only Facebook page
  • An Instagram feed
  • A biennial AGM and conference weekend featuring speakers, workshops and sharing work
  • A biennial AGM and speakers day, in alternate years to the AGM and conference weekend above