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The group runs an Annual Exhibition open to all members of the group. Currently entry to the exhibition is free.

There are four categories, two for prints and two for digital images. A member may submit up to four images into each category.

There are two sub-categories, these are:
   A - All creatures - birds, mammals, reptiles, marine life, insects, etc.
   B - All plant life (including flora, fungi, lichens) and all other subjects,
         including geological and microscopy, plus patterns, design and form
         found within nature.


A team of three highly qualified group members review all entries and select approximately 120 prints and approximately 30% of the digital entries for inclusion in the exhibition. Each category is judged separately. 


Two Gold Medals are awarded, one to the best print and the other to the best digital image of the Exhibition. Four Bronze Medals are awarded, one for the best image in each category. In addition, there are certificates for Selector, Highly Commended and Commended awards.

The ‘Tony Wharton Trophy' is awarded to the most successful entrant across all categories.


The exhibition opens for entries around the end of November/early December each year with entry closing around the end of February the following year. The selection usually takes place in early March with the exhibition being opened and displayed at the groups AGM in April.

The 2024 Members Exhibition

The Exhibition has been selected, and the results issued to each entrant.   The selected prints will be on display at the Nature Group AGM being held at Smethwick Photographic Society on 20th April 2024.  After the AGM the Exhibition awards will be presented to the successful entrants and a showing of all accepted digital entries will be shown.

Definition of Nature

All images must convey the truth of what the author saw at the time of taking. Any manipulation must be confined to exposure adjustments and the removal of minor blemishes or distractions. The final image must have been produced from a single negative, transparency or digital recording and must not be a combination of images. The only exception is focus stacking.

Exhibition Shows

The Nature Group's Dropbox Account contains shows for the 2023, 2022, 2021 and 2020 Exhibitions.  All shows except 2020 are in MP4 format that will therefore run on PC and MAC. The 2020 show is in .EXE fomat and will probably only run on Windows. The shows are available from the Nature Group Dropbox account and a link to the show can be provided from the Exhibition Secretary.

Award Galleries

Galleries of all awarded images can be viewed on our Galleries Website.