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Early Morning At Vestrahorn Iceland Kathryn Phillips ARPS
CREDIT: Kath Phillips ARPS
A Sense of Place - some different perspectives

A weekend celebrating Travel Photography in all its variety

Friday, May 12th, 2023 - Sunday, May 14th, 2023

RPS House, Bristol

Click on the link below for a file which gives more detail about the whole weekend's activities together with information about accommodation and parking.

Sense Of Place May 2023

Oncocua 800
CREDIT: Hazel Frost FRPS

Travel Distinctions Advisory Day

This opportunity to seek advice about your plans for an ARPS or FRPS in Travel is rare!

Hazel Frost FRPS who chairs the Travel Distinctions Panel will be the advisor at RPS House in Bristol.

The opportunity is open to anyone considering a Travel Distinction.


FRIDAY, 12th MAY, 2023 at RPS House, Bristol

Advisor Hazel Frost FRPS Chair of the Travel Panel

What is an Advisory Day?

Everyone can get advice on their body of work before applying for the Distinction or attend as a observer to learn about the Distinctions process and see examples of a successful panels for Travel.

Associate is our second level, applicants must submit a body of work/project consisting of 15 images and a written statement and presentation layout. The images must be all be of a high standard.

Fellowship  is our highest level. It requires a distinctive and cohesive body of work/project consisting of 20 or 21 images, accompanied by a written statement of intent and a presentation layout.

Getting advice on your images and how many should I bring?

Please supply a minimum of 15 and a maximum of 20 images for advice for  Associate

Please supply a minimum of 20 and a maximum of 25 images for advice for  Fellowship

You may be interested in the very active Distinctions Facebook page, which contains comments and examples - both successful and unsuccessful - from all levels of applicants.

This session is being supported by the Distinctions Team

Registration either as an observer or to receive advice is available here.


Saturday, 13th May 2023

A Sense of Place - Some Different Perspectives.        

We are delighted to have two key speakers who, though not traditional travel photographers, do consider 'a sense of place' important in their photography. We expect their ideas to enhance and develop our thinking as a Group.

In addition, there will be further input from Travel Photographer of the Year, the results of the Travel Group's Travel Image of the Year will be announced as will the Best of the Best in the Monthly Competition.

The Group AGM will also take place.

There will be a dinner providing an opportunity to get to know each other better in the evening.

Register here


Paul Sanders

Paul Sanders - 'Seeing Uniquely'

Seeing in your own way is the key to making your images stand out. Paul Sanders will go through the process of telling your story of your place and how to appreciate the unique relationship you have with a particular place and subject.


Paul will share his insight from a career as a news photographer and picture editor as well as a workshop leader with Light and Land and Ocean Capture.


Paul’s website is

Stewart Wall
CREDIT: Jane Tearle

Stewart Wall - Photobooks and Haiku Photography

A presentation in two parts

Photobooks A good photobook design, whether digitally printed or handmade has a strong concept that drives a cohesive narrative that helps the reader understand what the book is about. A photobook is about more than a vehicle to show off the author’s favourite images. Stewart’s lecture at the RPS will outline what the assessors look for in a successful photobook.

Finding Haiku Photography Since December 2021 Stewart has been researching what it means to make ‘Haiku Photography’. He views Haiku Photography as a potential methodology for creating strong concepts and narratives about a ‘sense of place’.

For more information see