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Sun and Sand, Dubai

2023 TIoM February

Travel Image of the Month - February 2023 :  the results are in!

These images have been submitted as part of our monthly competition of 2023.

There were eight images entered this month, significantly fewer than of late, but the quality was as high as ever.  Between them, they covered a broad range of travel locations and photographic styles.  Reflecting the fewer entries, just two highly commended images have been selected this month. 

The Winner

Storytime, Cuba  by Barbara Fleming

A strong but simple image conveying both a sense of place and human interest.  The composition is enhanced by the colours of the group in the foreground contrasting with the unsaturated backdrop behind.  This image is nicely framed and is very engaging – it literally tells a story, with the boy absorbed in his reading.


Highly Commended Images


Smugglers, Khyber Pass, Pakistan by Ian Silvester

This image shows a definite sense of place, from the highly decorated truck wending its way up the steep gradient of the remote reaches of the Khyber Pass to the cues of the arid mountainside behind.  If the cyclists truly are smugglers, they are clearly having to work hard for their booty as they push their laden bikes determinedly up that gradient. An interesting and well composed image.


Pre dawn Lift-off, Goreme, Cappadocia by John Speller

A deceptively simple but striking image that is well composed and exudes sense of place.  The balloons and the sky/land interface are well positioned.  The brightly lit and colourful lower balloon stands out against the monotonously dark high ground behind.  In contrast, the upper balloon is darker but subtly lit against the brighter and varying colours of the pre dawn sky.


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