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AGM Details

Information about the groups Annual General Meeting

Royal Photographic Society 

Visual Art Group 


5th April 2019 at 9.00pm

De Vere Beaumont Estate, Old Windsor 


Andreas Klatt (Chairman), David Wood (Vice Chairman), Robert Charnock (Treasurer), Janie Chapman (Secretary), Jay Charnock, Mark Deutsch, Michael Butterworth, Gill Dishart, Wendy Meagher.


Paul Mitchell, John Cavana, Eddie Morton. 

1. Notice of meeting

Andreas Klatt (Chairman) warmly welcomed the audience to the annual general meeting of the Visual Art Group (40 attendees) and reminded them that in order to reduce paper and follow correct procedures the papers were all available on the internet microsite so would not be circulated during the meeting. In addition, notice of the AGM had been sent out by the RPS to all members more than four weeks in advance. With 34 members present the meeting was quorate and could continue. 

2. Minutes of the 2018 AGM

The minutes of the 2018 annual general meeting were approved and signed off. No other matters arising. 

3. Annual Report and Annual Accounts

a) Annual Report

Andreas introduced his annual report outlining the key successes of the year including three outstanding issues of Visual Art, our print magazine; the increasing numbers joining our closed Facebook group; the growing popularity and success of our Spring and Autumn weekends located for 2018 in Northumberland and Dorset; the introduction of our e-newsletter and the annual print exhibition delivered in Croydon, Twickenham and Edinburgh. In an attempt to give the work of our members more and wider exhibition exposure we are looking at expanding the exhibition programme and for 2019 will have an additional venue in Doncaster, south Yorkshire. 
RPS Visual Art Group. Minutes of the Annual General Meeting 2019 (version 1.00) 12th April 2019. 

A key factor for the Visual Art Group seems to be that despite falling membership numbers (in line with other RSP Special Interest Groups) we are experiencing increasing interest in, and demand for, places at our residential and sub-group events. Going forward this may present us with something of a dilemma as there is only so much that a small number of committee volunteers can achieve year on year. Unless we can recruit more volunteers to get involved, unfortunately decisions may have to be made on priorities going forward. 
In addition, Andreas paid tribute to Jay and Robert Charnock who after years of dedication to the Visual Art Group are standing down from the committee and the expert running of the exhibition programme. We wish them well, they will be sorely missed. 

b) Annual Accounts

Robert Charnock (Treasurer) introduced the Visual Art Group balance sheet for 2018 with additional information explaining the complexity of delivering events which impact across two financial years. The balance sheet and comparisons with 2017 show that annual expenses are largely in line with annual income and that there is an appropriate contingency fund for the management of any emergencies. 
Both reports were approved. 
Approved: Carol Paes Seconded: Janie Chapman 

4. Election of officers and committee

Nominations to the committee had been received by the 22nd March as laid out in the nomination process. With the exception of Robert Charnock and Jay Charnock all the committee offered themselves for re-election. In addition, a nomination form had been received from Andrew Leeming to be the new Treasurer. Andreas introduced Andrew explaining that he is a chartered accountant who has previously been Finance and Operations Manager at the RPS and also a dedicated photographer. Therefore, deemed competent to become the Visual Art Group Treasurer. 

No other nominations were received. Therefore, the following individuals have been elected to the committee. 


Chairman: Andreas Klatt

Secretary: Janie Chapman

Treasurer: Andrew Leeming

General Committee

Michael Butterworth

John Cavana

Mark Edward Deutsch

Gillian W. Dishart 

Wendy Meagher

Paul Mitchell

Eddie Morton

David John Wood 

Approved: Sue Smith Seconded: Phil Brew 

5. Any other business

There was no other business to report or discuss. The meeting was closed at 9.30pm. 

6. Date of next AGM

The date of the next Annual General Meeting cannot be set at this point but is likely to be during the residential weekend in spring 2020.