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Visual Art Group

Encourages all types and styles of photography, encompassing traditional and contemporary interpretations across a wide variety of subjects from still-life, landscape and architecture to portraiture and macro.


As a group we focus on printed images and as such all our meetings have been postponed to next year.

Our position on the COVID-19 outbreak
CREDIT: Chris Palmer FRPS

Members' Exhibition 2020

More Information

About us

“Visual art photography can be defined as showing evidence of a personal vision or style which should convey a sense of design, emotion, mood or some meaning which encourages the viewer to look beyond the subject.”

The Visual Art Group is the second largest of the RPS special interest groups with roots going back to 1921 through our predecessor, the Pictorial Group. These days we have nearly a thousand members, many of them overseas.

We support and encourage all types and styles of photography, and our activities encompass both traditional and contemporary interpretations across a wide variety of subject matter from still-life, landscape and architecture to portraiture and macro, with or without in-camera techniques and post-processing.

We are keen to work jointly with the Society’s regions and other special interest groups and to establish regional Visual Art sub-groups, aiming to organise inspirational and educational events within easy reach across the country. We already have flourishing groups based in the South West and Central England organising a varied and regular programme of events, talks and members’ days throughout the year.

Our activities resonate strongly with both members and non-members of the group, and all our events are available to the general public, in line with our remit as an educational charity.

You can download a leaftlet 'About Us'.


Group membership is only £15 per annum (in addition to your RPS membership).

We would be happy to send you a copy of our magazine if you are interested. Just email Mark Deutsch, the Members' Secretary:

CREDIT: Christine Adams ARPS
Rollright Visual Art Group

Bonsai Reimagined by Christine Adams ARPS

The Rollright Visual Art Group was formed to benefit photographers in central England, away from major metropolitan areas and the traditonal centres of activity. With its base in the north Cotswolds, amid four or five counties and four RPS regions, the group is open to RPS members and non-members from a wide catchment area. It is not affiliated to any of the regions and does not intend to impinge on the programmes of camera clubs which often favour competitions, but rather offers another location which some of us may find easier to access in order to meet other enthusiasts in an informal and friendly atmosphere. If you would be interested in joining the group please contact:
Andreas Klatt ARPS

CREDIT: John Cheshire LRPS
South West Visual Art Group

St Anne’s Lutheran Church by John Cheshire LRPS

The SW VA Group was formed by contacting all the VA members in the SW Region to see if members would like to meet like minded photographers.  The meeting turned out to be a great success and now we have two days a year with speakers and another one or two members' days, where participants show their work.  We see a variety of excellent images throughout the day and are able to discuss our work with each other.

If you would be interested in joining (organising) such a group in your region, please contact either Andreas Klatt ARPS (Chairman VA Group, or Di Wilkins ARPS (e-mail:

CREDIT: Stephen Collinson LRPS
Print and email circles

Tulip by Stephen Collinson LRPS

For members of the Visual Art Group email circles are free to join, while print circles will cost you no more than postage. Meet new people keen to share their experience, to ask questions and to comment on your photographs. Get a different angle on your work from people who are neither fellow club members, nor your family!

Email circles are ideal for overseas members of the Visual Art Group. We are presently joined from France, Cyprus, Germany, New Zealand and the USA.

There are new recruits as well as highly experienced photographers, from those who just want to enjoy their photography with new friends to those working towards distinctions.

To join or ask for more information, just email Gill Dishart ARPS, the Circles Secretary:

CREDIT: Marilyn Taylor ARPS

Annual General Meeting

CREDIT: Wendy Meagher LRPS

VAG Publications



  1. Two residential weekends around the country with a mixture of talks and workshops, providing both learning and opportunities to make friends and take photographs in some stunning urban and scenic locations, most recently in Alnwick, Purbeck, Windsor, Liverpool, Stratford-upon-Avon and Buxton.
  2. Visual Art a twice-yearly, high-quality magazine featuring inspirational work by photographers from around the world, including successful distinction panels. Each year we also publish a monograph to focus on a single outstanding author which is available only in print and only to Visual Art Group members.
  3. Annual members' print exhibition judged by independent selectors and shown at various locations around the country including the Edinburgh International Exhibition of Photography. The prints on display represent the typical depth and breadth of work by Group members and enable entrants to showcase their work under gallery conditions.
  4. Regular e-newsletter keeping group members up-to-date with events and snappy articles about the work of the Visual Art Group. Available by e-mail and on our website.
  5. Print and digital circles allowing members to exchange pictures for peer review – a friendly forum for constructive comment and critical analysis.
  6. Visual Art sub-groups based in the South West and Central England with all-day events which regularly draw attendance from hundreds of miles away.
  7. Internet presence integrated with the Royal Photographic Society's website containing news, blogs, events, images and much more from across the Group as well as the wider RPS family.
  8. Facebook group of more than five hundred photographers who share their inspiration and their passion for visual art photography in a private and moderated environment.