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Members' Print Exhibition

The Group holds an annual print exhibition which is shown at various locations around the UK.

This year our annual members' print exhibition is trying to avoid the pitfalls of public health risks by offering an alternative format. We are inviting our members to submit three high-res digital images, one of which may be selected to appear in a special edition of Visual Art magazine. In addition to the usual feature of highlighting the top ten there will be a full page devoted to each selection. And to move us out of our comfort zone, all images will have to be square. The result will be this year’s print exhibition, just not as we know it.

Technical requirements are detailed on the entry form which is downloadable here, but in short:


  • - may be colour or monochrome
  • - must be square and borderless
  • - at least 2600 x 2600 pixels in size
  • - uncompressed, single layer TIFF files in Adobe (1998)
  • - observing the following naming convention:
    SURNAME_FIRST NAME_TITLE OF PICTURE (all in upper case with underscores and spaces)

Files should not be sent as e-mail attachments but via the free transfer service to the group webmaster at:

Deadline: 31st July 2021

Please do NOT submit prints. We will print the magazine for you.

Think square, and good luck.