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Visual Art Group - Regional Meetings

If you would be interested in organising such a group in your region, please contact John Cavana (Chairman VA Group, 

Northern Visual Art Group

Tairgh Seilebost by Richard Bingham

The VA Northern group is still in the process of being formed.

We are currently looking for members views on how we may best serve VA member north of the Midlands, which is geographically a very large area. We want to take what works well for the successful Rollright and South West Groups and adapt it for local needs. Its our intention to hold various activities of interest to our members including virtual and physical meet-ups and speakers. We will probably start small and build as we grow.

For our next meeting please see the events page here.

See the Committe Members here.

If you would like to join the group or share what you would like the group to do then then please contact: Mary Crowther ARPS

CREDIT: Christine Adams ARPS
Rollright Visual Art Group

Bonsai Reimagined by Christine Adams ARPS

The Rollright Visual Art Group was formed to benefit photographers in central England, away from major metropolitan areas and the traditonal centres of activity. With its base in the north Cotswolds, amid four or five counties and four RPS regions, the group is open to RPS members and non-members from a wide catchment area. It is not affiliated to any of the regions and does not intend to impinge on the programmes of camera clubs which often favour competitions, but rather offers another location which some of us may find easier to access in order to meet other enthusiasts in an informal and friendly atmosphere. 

For our next meeting check the events page here.

If you would be interested in joining the group please contact: Barry Barker (

CREDIT: John Cheshire LRPS
South West Visual Art Group

St Anne’s Lutheran Church by John Cheshire LRPS

The SW VA Group was formed by contacting all the VA members in the SW Region to see if members would like to meet like minded photographers.  The meeting turned out to be a great success and now we have two days a year with speakers and another one or two members' days, where participants show their work.  We see a variety of excellent images throughout the day and are able to discuss our work with each other.

If you would be interested in joining the group please contact: Di Wilkins ARPS