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Visual Art North - Committee

Mary Crowther
Mary Crowther ARPS

I have been a member of the Royal Photographic Society since 1993. My two great passions art and photography, going back to basics in a combination of these applications and imagination. As part of my personal development to achieve success the end result is duly overtaken by the learning journey.

I have over 30 years experience in commercial creative roles, latterly in education as a qualified and experienced photography and graphic arts tutor.

The next chapter is going to be something different again, with the new and exciting changes, in a personal journey in taking my photography a stage further.

Brian Law
Dr. Brian Law ARPS

Brian Law has been taking photos for many years, working through two darkrooms but only finding his true passion when going digital around 2001. With a love of colour Brian works across a range of genres.

Chris Goodacre LRPS

I live in West Yorkshire and love making photographic images. To me a photo captures something that’s very special – the expression on a face, that mixture of light, colour, texture. The blend of all these elements will probably never occur in quite the same way again so I always feel privileged to witness these unique moments and capture them as images.

The beauty of nature and my belief in the value it brings to us is the principle driving force of my photographic journey. Seeing and feeling this beauty seeps into me, it inspires and motivates me.

Monochrome is my preferred medium. The first photographic book I bought was Bill Brandt’s Shadow of Light back in 1977. I still look at it today and although my influences have broadened they remain in the black and white tradition and include Micheal Kenna, Minor White and Edward Weston to name a few.

Brad Cheek
Brad Cheek

Brad is a new member of the RPS, and manages the VAN pages of the RPS website.