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Carolyn Drake China. Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. Kashgar. 2009
CREDIT: Carolyn Drake China. Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. Kashgar. 2009

About us

Meet the team

Chair: June Cadogan

" I work mainly on self-initiated photography projects within the UK.  My main focus is on documenting private and community spaces and exploring the relationship between the space along with stories of the people who use the space and the activities that take place there.  I’m very proud to be a graduate of the University of Westminster's photography degree course, Masters programme in Photography and Urban Culture from Goldsmiths University, Redeye Lightbox programme and a member of FORM Collective.I have been a member of the RPS for the past year and I’m looking forward to helping to promote women in photography as I believe that women need to be better represented in the Arts. "

Secretary: Khatija Barday-Wood

Treasurer/ Web editor: Patricia Hilbert 

" I got my first camera in 2012 as a gift. Since then, I became a member of the and Memento Mori group soon after and participated in several group exhibitions in Romania. I joined the RPS in 2019 as I wanted to stay connected with other photographers around the world.

I do not keep a proper journal, so I think of my photographs as pieces of my journal. I rarely stage my photographs, I prefer to patiently wait for the story to unfold. My reason to join the W.I.P group is to learn more about the outstanding women photographers of present and past."

The Honorary Chair of the Women in Photography group is Karen Knorr HonFRPS, internationally renowned photographer and professor of photography at the University for the Creative Arts, home to the research project Fastforward Women in Photography.  

On the launch of the group in 2018, Karen said:

“I feel 2018 is a good year to launch the Woman in Photography group within the RPS. Echoing the objectives of the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements, it is time to break down barriers of exclusivity and to reach out to different communities, including BAME and LGBT+ , and to women’s movements in the arts world.   I’m looking forward to heading up this new group and helping the RPS add its voice to the global discussion on equality.

The minutes of RPS EGM from Friday 29 May 2020 are available here.