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Carolyn Drake China. Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. Kashgar. 2009
CREDIT: Carolyn Drake China. Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region. Kashgar. 2009

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Teri Walker

I purchased my first DSLR many years ago when digital was a new technology.  My photography over the years was largely devoted to holiday and family snaps.  I took my camera off Auto in 2020 when lockdown gave me the luxury of having the time to finally devote to learning the art of photography.  The journey is ongoing and I love having the freedom to explore and learn.  I became the Chair for the Women in Photography group in October, 2021.  I am retired following 25 years as a marketing director.  I feel fortunate to be meeting and working with such a wonderfully talented group of women and am committed to the ongoing success of the Group.

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Charlotte Jeal

Ruth Morris

WE ARE Editor:

Teri Walker (Interim)


Amanda Schonhut

Born into a Construction Family - generations of - it was a given I would follow and enter the world of bricks and mortar myself at some point.  Starting my own venture in 2008 after twenty years in the Financial Sector, I worked hard to learn my chosen craft of Design from the ground up - on the job.  Working on Heritage and Restoration projects heightened my interest in History and Architecture and from that, a keen research into both.  Recording as I learnt, photography became a natural progression, a chronology of my "History Hunts".

My work is often described as "quirky", editing the shot at source to create a unique capture of the visual, as it is, rather than a back office finish after the fact.  The creative element of my work led to a recommendation to submit to Getty Images and after examples of this type of photography were sent to them, I was delighted to be accepted as one of their Creative Photographers.

Member Adviser:

Julie Derbyshire

Photographic artist Julie Derbyshire’s constructed images are the final distillation of her creative process, encompassing acts of making, manipulation and disruption. Captured through the medium of photography, the objects and materials she chooses to engage with become more compelling than the original; transient moments of precariousness and suspense are held within the frame. Informed by the complexity and fragility of lived experience and inspired by art historical references, Julie invites the viewer to reflect upon the fusion of beauty and disquiet that her work conveys. And so to question what lies beyond the image.

Honorary Chair:

The Honorary Chair of the Women in Photography group is Karen Knorr HonFRPS, internationally renowned photographer and professor of photography at the University for the Creative Arts; home to the research project Fast Forward Women in Photography.  

On the launch of the group in 2018, Karen said:

“I feel 2018 is a good year to launch the Woman in Photography group within the RPS. Echoing the objectives of the #MeToo and Time’s Up movements, it is time to break down barriers of exclusivity and to reach out to different communities, including BAME and LGBT+ , and to women’s movements in the arts world.   I’m looking forward to heading up this new group and helping the RPS add its voice to the global discussion on equality."