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Absorption by Louise Knaresborough
CREDIT: Louise Knaresborough

About Us

Meet our Team

CREDIT: Teri Walker
Teri Walker


I have always had an interest in art and photography and dabbled in both over the years. I purchased one of the first Canon DSLR’s that came out and spent many years happily snapping family and travel pics - relying heavily on the ‘Auto’ setting as I hadn’t had the time to learn more. In 2019, I left the corporate world and ‘retired’ in Somerset. Finally having time to dedicate to learning more about photography, I enrolled in an Open University course run in partnership with the Royal Photographic Society. I was hooked!

I took over as the Chair of the RPS Women in Photography group in October, 2021. We are building up our programmes and exploring new projects that our Members can participate in while also trying to encourage others to join up. It’s an amazing opportunity to meet so many talented women from all walks of life.

Victoria Stokes, ARPS
Victoria Stokes ARPS

Events Manager and Instagram:

Victoria  divides her time between the UK and the remote, often uninhabited, regions of the world which has fostered her deep connection with the environment and a passion for conservation.

Her love of the environment is reflected in her practice, which comments on the beauty and plight of the natural world, as she aims to engage audiences in ways which will encourage the preservation of nature.




Alice Chapman

WE ARE Magazine Assistant Editor

Alice is a documentary family photographer and mentor in Cambridge, UK. She has a family which is growing up too fast, a house full of Lego and a garage full of books she might yet read. Her own family photos help her enjoy the moment once the dust has settled. 

Alice believes in embracing the chaos of real family life, and that being photographed shouldn’t feel like going to the dentist. Driven to bottle character and to champion individuality, Alice photographs people being themselves: best behaviour optional.

Through her photography, Alice aims to make order out of chaos and to make art out of the ordinary.

The Pirate Selfie By Sue Wright
Sue Wright
Web Editor & Facebook:

My passion for photography stems from my love of travel.  In the pre-digital 1980’s, I took the Trans-Siberian Express from Russia to Beijing. I then made my way overland down to Hong Kong where I eagerly walked along Nathan Road darting in and out of its many camera shops, haggling for the best deal on an Olympus Trip 35.

In recent years, I have organised and lead 3 Photography expeditions to Iceland for a charity called Blesma, the limbless veterans which included 2 blind vets, the aim was to ‘reframe their lives through a lens’.  It was very challenging but a whole lot of fun!

Julie Derbyshire
Julie Derbyshire ARPS

Member Adviser

Photographic artist Julie Derbyshire’s constructed images are the final distillation of her creative process, encompassing acts of making, manipulation and disruption. Captured through the medium of photography, the objects and materials she chooses to engage with become more compelling than the original; transient moments of precariousness and suspense are held within the frame. Informed by the complexity and fragility of lived experience and inspired by art historical references, Julie invites the viewer to reflect upon the fusion of beauty and disquiet that her work conveys. And so to question what lies beyond the image.

Me Biker
Irina Petrova Adamatzky 

Projects and IG support:

Irina Petrova Adamatzky is an internationally published and award winning photographer and artist. She specialises in wildlife micro-photography and science fiction inspired installations organically integrating living and artificial entities. A unique feature of her work is she mostly uses retro manual focus lenses to share the wonders of the world. She has won a substantial number of awards and prizes, including MUSE Photography Awards 2022 and 2021, BIFA 2021 and BIFA 2020, New York Photography Awards 2021, winner of FEP Awards 2021 Nature Golden Camera and ND Discovery of the Year in category Nature 2019.

Frankie (2)
Frankie MacEachen

Project Support

I first picked up my camera in 2016 after performing onstage for many years. As an actor, much of my preparation focused on stillness. Capturing the essence of a character and building a narrative from within.

In making the transition from one creative medium to another, this process became a driving force in my photography whether it was portraiture or landscape. I strived to get under the skin of my subject.

I was diagnosed with a mental health condition in 2019 at age 49. On a personal level the diagnosis finally gave me answers but it subsequently inspired me to dig deeper in my photography with an emphasis on putting ‘the inside on the outside’ so to speak and to convey a deeper story through a still image.

During lockdown, I had no option but to turn the camera on myself. I started to consider how light and shade could be utilised to capture different moods within one image. Moving forward I want to explore further the impact of managing the highs and lows of a mental health condition through the stillness of an image.



Poppy French
Poppy French

WE ARE Magazine Assistant Production

Poppy French is a documentary and portrait photographer. She focuses on the everyday, the places and people familiar to us and experiences often associated with the domestic and maternal.  One of her main subjects is often herself and likes nothing more that taking her own portrait. A notorious show-off, she'll use the biggest camera with the most expensive film. She approaches the self with humour and honesty but also love aiming to defy any shame connected to the body. 

She has produced work for Vogue International, Huffpost and been shortlisted for the Portrait of Britain.

Nina Raingold
Nina Raingold

WE ARE Magazine Assistant Editor

Nina Raingold is an award-winning portrait photographer and photo editor based in Bristol, UK. With a background in picture editing in the editorial and charity sectors (The Times, Save The Children, Getty Images), Nina is interested in photography as a tool for social engagement. In recent years, her projects on education and maternal well-being have been featured in the national press.

Nina’s work has been published by the BBC, Time, Newsweek, The Guardian, The Independent on Sunday, New York Magazine, The British Heart Foundation and Save The Children, amongst others. She is a contributor to Getty Images and has been shortlisted for the Portrait of Humanity 2023.

Nina currently splits her time between freelance (photo editing and photography) assignments, and her work as a documentary family photographer. Many of our most complex and meaningful social interactions take place at home. Applying a photojournalistic approach to everyday family life has been a growing focus in both Nina’s commercial and editorial work.