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Events for WIP Members

Women in Photography Events

If you're not already a WIP member, consider joining to take advantage of reduced ticket prices and exclusive member-led events that are free to take part in.

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‘Show and Tell’

Online: 9 June 2024, 7 pm

Join us at the online ‘Show and Tell’ networking and social event, where you can share your photographs and have friendly discussions about them.

This event is for WIP group members only.


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CREDIT: Brigitta Schneiter @ Unsplash

Photography Project

On-line: 10 Jun 2024 19:00 - 21:00

This mini photography project is an opportunity for you to meet up online and to share the photographs you took in response to being inspired by the NPG's 'Portraits to Dream In' exhibition and talk to one another about the rationale behind what you have done.

This event is for WIP group members only.

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CREDIT: Angela Crosti

Neither here nor there by Angela Crosti

Online Talk: 17 Jun 2024 19:00 - 20:30

‘NEITHER HERE NOR THERE’, self–published Photobook, 2022

It will focus on ‘Neither Here Nor There,’ a visual diary, a collection of personal observations and thoughts enclosed in a photographic artist's book. The series of images combine with text and poetry in an intimate journey: a personal process of recollection of thoughts in search of clarity and acceptance.

Moments of transition and nostalgia from my home country, its values, and its traditions are instinctively captured by my medium-format film camera. Familiar and unfamiliar places metaphorically represent mine and my children’s thoughts in a process of reconciliation with the complexity of our lives.

This event is open to everyone.

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Photography Self-portrait Experience (SPEX),

In-Person Workshop: 23 June 2024 10:00 - 14:00 

Four hour workshop with Antonia Penia, A Look Again Mindful Photography Practitioner

The main objective (and expected result) of SPEX is to broaden the perception of oneself, others, and the world and discover the potential in oneself, others, and the world. Any process of transformation of one's own life (such as healing from trauma, addiction, etc.) must necessarily involve the discovery of other aspects of one's own identity. Looking at yourself from different perspectives helps you explore yourself beyond labels, stigmatisation and judgement. SPEX also serves to stimulate the creative process, transforming difficult emotions into photographic works of art.

This event is for WIP group members only.

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Would You Like To Meet Up With Other Women In Photography Members

Member-Led Events

Connect with fellow WIP Photographers at member-led events.

Would you like to lead a photography day with like-minded Women in Photography group members? Whether this is a mindful photo walk in the city, a trip to a beautiful local spot to photograph the landscape, the trees, the bees close up on flowers, or a visit to a photography exhibition, the possibilities are endless.

We would love to hear from you, discuss your ideas, and organise it. Contact us for a chat to see how we can organise the event!


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CREDIT: Farren van Wyk

Mixedness is my Mythology by Farren van Wyk

Online Talk: 09 Sep 2024 19:00 - 20:30

Mixedness is my Mythology explores the historical relationship between South Africa and the Netherlands that revolves around the connections and contradictions of migration, ethnicity, colonialism and apartheid.

I was born in South Africa in 1993, the official last year of the apartheid era that classified me as Coloured. My grandparents were forcefully removed and my parents chose to raise me in The Netherlands from the age of six. My family sits in a grey space where we deconstruct the apartheid construction of ‘colouredness’ and make it our own....

This event is open to everyone.

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