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Distressed Josephine

Young Carers - A Life in Focus

RPS Gallery | 21st December 2022 - 21st January 2023

Young Carers: A Life in Focus showcases the work of Young Carers across the UK, showing what they feel makes them unique and telling stories of things most important to them. Their experiences and interests come together to highlight the day to day lives of young people outside of their caring roles and gives them a platform to test new skills and celebrate their creativity.

CREDIT: Luke Farley

Young Carers - A Life in Focus

Young Carers have an immense responsibility, often looking after one of their parents, or perhaps someone else in their family. It can be a big responsibility at a young age that comes with a great sense of pride and admiration – however may sometimes come with feelings of loneliness, and stress. That’s why it’s important they take time out for themselves to do something fun for their own mental health and wellbeing.

Photography can be a great way of sharing thoughts and emotions, capturing snapshots of interests and experiences, and showing the things that make everyone unique. Through a series of exciting, playful workshops with professional photographer Jo Bradford, and a series of video interviews with renowned photographic artists, Young Carers have been learning tips and tricks to produce their own amazing images using anything from a mobile phone to the camera on a laptop.


Thumbnail IMG 4523
CREDIT: Angela Ashcroft
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Stop Motion Workshop
CREDIT: Elise Wootten
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21st Dec - 21st Jan

RPS Gallery is situated in the photography hub of Bristol alongside the Martin Parr Foundation. 

Opening hours: Wednesday to Sunday, 10am - 5pm, free admission

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Air cadet Beret
CREDIT: Olivia Green

Air Cadet Beret - Olivia Green

In this video Young Carer Olivia talks about learning new photography skills and using them to photograph her Air Cadet beret, an object she feels best represents her.

Mirror Image
CREDIT: Aiden Burns

Aiden Burns - Mirror Image

In this video Young Carer Aiden talks about a special object to him, his childhood toy named after her sister. Aiden used skills learned in a workshop as part of Life in Focus to produce his image for the exhibition. 

Screenshot 2022 04 13 At 16.39.30
CREDIT: Jo Bradford

About The Project...

Young Carers - A Life in focus was made in partnership with Action for Children

Through a series of Online Workshops and resources, that launched in May 2022, Young Carers accross the UK have been invited to learn new photography skills that allow them to photograph their interests and individuality with anything from a smartphone to the camera on a laptop.

The workshops covered all aspects of photography from composition and lighting to storytelling and editing. Artist interviews, from renowned photographers working with smartphones, were also dispersed between the workshops as inspiration for subject matter.

Workshops in smartphone photography and artist interviews were produced with artist Jo Bradford.

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1688 Rainbow Shadow Selfie By Katy Appleton
CREDIT: Katy Appleton

Young Photographers

Here you will find fun activities, exhibitions to look at, stories to read and new things to learn. 

If you're a young person who is passionate about photography this is the place for you!

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Jo Bradford 01
CREDIT: Jo Bradford

Further Support for Young Carers

Action for Children work with young carers across the UK. They help them balance their caring responsibilities with being a child.

There are lots of resources on their website where you can get advice and support as a young carer. Follow the links below to see the support that they offer: 

Young Carers: A Life in Focus is made in partnership with Action for Children. Supported by a National Lottery Project Grant from Arts Council England and in part through a generous donation in memory of David Wolf Kaye.