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Evan Dawson SES
CREDIT: Evan Dawson


Exclusive opportuntities, activities and resources for Young Photographers

Current Opportunities

For more information on our current projects please contact Elise Wootten, Engagement officer,

Young Carer Friends Add Colour To My Life

Young Carers: A Life in Focus

The Royal Photographic Society and Action for Children have enouraged young carers across the UK to take part in a project that would enable them to learn new things and show us what’s important to them. Through a series of workshops by artist Jo Bradford skills have been learned to take their photography to the next level. 

Entries have been selected to be part of the exhibition Young Carers: A Life in Focus which will take place at the RPS, Bristol and online 21 Dec 2022 - 21 Jan 2023


Visit the Exhibition
The Rivals
Young Carers - A Life in Focus Open Day
Free Family activity day (Saturday 21st Jan 12 - 4pm)

Young Carers: A Life in Focus showcases the work of Young Carers across the UK, showing what they feel makes them unique and telling stories of things most important to them. Their experiences and interests come together to highlight the day to day lives of young people outside of their caring roles and gives them a platform to test new skills and celebrate their creativity.


Our open day gives you the chance to see the work by made by young carers as part of the project, and take part in some fun photography activities with the RPS education team and artist Jo Bradford.

Workshop Banner

WORKSHOP | IPE164 Open House - Family Cyanotype workshop

Take part in a creative workshop with the RPS education team, where you can print your own cyanotype onto various materials including a mini tree-slice keyring, tote bag or sheet of fabric to hang at home.

Using the traditional photography technique of cyanotype and natural materials you are invited to create your own image inspired by work in the International Photography Exchibition 164. Cyanotype uses a light sensitive solution and sunlight to create striking blue negatives.


Book Here
Screenshot 2023 01 10 At 11.24.01
RPS Young Photographers - Stop Motion Workshop
October Half Term 2022

A Short selection of stop motion films made as part of the RPS Young Photographers October Half term workshops. With thanks to Into Film. 



Speech Bubbles
CREDIT: Into Film

Free Family Film Club - Into Film

We are an official Into Film club venue! 

To join our FREE film club follow the link below and register with our club code: CC967F77 

We will be screening films for families and children under-18 on the last Sunday of every month (or the closest Saturday/Sunday available). Once you've registered as a club member on the Into Film platform you can keep up to date on the latest screening and news.  

If you have any questions about our film club please see our FAQ's

Our next screening is Sunday 29th December 3:30pm 
(To see which film we are screening register and check regularly for messages from the club leader) 

Join Our Film Club
20190516 111632

Coming Soon - RPS Young Photographers

A new membership package for young photographers aged 12 - 16.

If you have a passion for photography and are 16 or under, please take some time to fill out our survey and give your opinions on what you would like from the new RPS offer.

Fill out our Survey

RPS In Schools

We can accommodate school visits to our exhibitions, please contact Elise Wootten to discuss.

Will Price Lockyer Rec
CREDIT: Will Price-Lockyer

Schools Certificate

We want to reward those students who excel in their GCSE Photography exams by awarding them an RPS Certificate in Photography.

If you are a teacher or know of any school teaching photography at GCSE level, please let them know about the certificate. It’s free and has already proved a hit with the students.

For further information please contact: Elise Wootten, Engagement Officer,

Image © Will Price-Lockyer, A* student from Crispin School Somerset 

Activities and Resources

Our rescources are produced by Photopedagogy and give you ideas on how to look at photography in different ways. 

Screenshot 2022 08 31 At 11.27.00
CREDIT: Photopedagogy

Exploring an Exhibition

Visiting a photography exhibition can be exciting. Whether it's your first visit or you're a gallery regular, these activities give you some playful ideas on how to look at the work in a different way. 

What new things will you discover?

Detail From Tide Pool 31. Susan Derges V2
CREDIT: Susan Derges HonFRPS

Squaring the Circles of Confusion

Explore pictorialism, a movement of photography that shows the beauty of images and photography as an artistic tool, rather than just a way of capturing reality. 


Squaring the Circles of Confusion is an upcoming RPS exhibition. 

SPT Box Image

Sugar Paper Theories

Photography is a powerful tool for memory. Remembering exactly what happened around a photo being taken can be difficult, especially if it was a long time ago, the truth can become skewed.

These activities based on Jack Latham's exhibiton Sugar Paper Theories explore how memory is attached to images and how these memories can be recalled or reinvented.

Pcb 130831 1330R
CREDIT: Michelle Whitmore ARPS

Science Photography at home

Science and Photography go hand in hand. here are some step by step guides on how you can create your own beautiful images with everyday materials such as liquid, ink and smoke.

See how these elements react to one another, experiment and capture what you discover. 

Menstruation Myths Jaws
CREDIT: Laia Abril

In Progress

Identity and storys can be interpreted in many ways within an image. The way we understand and remember the world can be hugely effected by photography and how its presented to us.

This rescource invites you to act as a curator and gather images together. Think about their meaning as individual photographs and the story they tell when presented as a whole. 

Penalty Mandy Barker
CREDIT: Mandy Barker

Altered Ocean

The powerful exhibition Altered Ocean by artist Mandy Barker raises awareness about plastic pollution in the world’s oceans. 


This resouce looks at the power of collecting and recording evidence through photography showing the effects we have on our ever-changing world. 

Box Image

Space Steps

These resources made in connection with the exhibition Space Steps: The Moon and Beyond explore how we see the world from beyond its surface and invite you to consider the context of images when they show us things we've never seen before. 


What will you discover?


Artist Snapshots

Content and features of Young Photographers within the RPS programme.

1688 Rainbow Shadow Selfie By Katy Appleton
CREDIT: Katy Appleton

Katy Appleton

Katy Appleton was awarded the Young Science photograpger of the Year award in 2020 for her image 'Rainbow Shadow Selfie'.

The image shows a spectrum thrown onto a wall by shining sunlight through a prism. Katy has cast her own shadow onto the wall while taking the photo, so that the spectrum shines more clearly. It was felt that this apparently simple image contains many optical principles to discuss yet also harks back to the experiments of scientists such as Newton and Herschel.

0764 Apollo's Emissary By Raymond Zhang
CREDIT: Raymond Zhang

Raymond Zhang

Raymond Zhang was awarded the Young Science Photographer of the Year, Climate category, in 2020.

His image 'Apollo's Emissary' shows a concentrated solar power generating station in China. 12,000 mirrors aim sunlight at a central tower where molten sodium nitrate salt is heated. The salt passes through a heat exchanger, producing steam to drive generator turbines. The thermal inertia is such that the station can work through the night, saving up to 350,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide emission per year.

Ella Main
CREDIT: Ella Main

Ella Main

Photography student Ella Main tells us how an experiment with magnetic oil and a glow-stick turned into a prize-winning photograph.

More videos from SPotY
Esme Lloyd FRPS

Esme Lloyd FRPS

Esmé Lloyd explains how at 15 years old she achieved her Licenciate (LRPS) and improved her photography along the way. 

Esme specialises in product photography and has a fun and creative practice using objects around her home to produce impressive images. 

Derek Man Border
CREDIT: Derek Man

Derek Man

Derek Man was part of the International Photography Exhibition 162. Learn how he brilliantly created pinhole camera’s from apples for his project What Do You See, Old Apple Tree? 

Ilina Katya Gangnam Girls
CREDIT: Ilina Katya

More Artists Videos...

The International Photography Exhibition (IPE) celebrates photography from across the globe. Each year exhibiting artists are selected from a worldwide open-call, encouraging submissions from international photographers of all levels. 

Here you will find more artist videos and a vitural gallery of the work on display as part of IPE162.

Click Here

Young Spotlight

A selection of articles written by our Spotlight editor, Alison Webber FRPS  for Young Photographers

RPS Spotlight 1
Photography Against Bullying
The effects of bullying seen through the eyes of two photographers

November 14th – 18th is Anti-Bullying week so this month 'Spotlight' is focusing on two very different photographers whose work is helping to show the effects that bullying can have on the lives of individuals.

1O0A3954 X4
CREDIT: Simon Hyde
Make, Mend and Sustain
A collaboration between The Open Eye Gallery, university students and local charity shops

Working with the Open Eye Gallery and local charity shops, Fashion Design and  Photography students from the University of Chester have designed and photographed a sustainable fashion collection created by upcycling donated clothing.

Show And Tell Hero Image 2
Show and Tell
Exploring mental health through photography

‘Show and Tell’, organised by The Photography Movement, is a project which encourages young people between the ages of 10 and 18 to explore their own mental health through photography.

Arnolfini Gallery
CREDIT: Alison Webber
Exhibition: Holding the Baby
An exhibition of images by Polly Braden

'Holding the Baby' is an exhibition of images by Polly Braden illustrating the lives of single parents, which is on display at the Arnolfini Gallery in Bristol until 12th June 2022.

You Might Also Be Interested In ...

These opportunities and rescources by our friends and partners outside of the RPS

Show And Tell Hero Image 2

Show and Tell - The Photography Movement

Show and Tell’, organised by The Photography Movement, is a project which encourages young people between the ages of 10 and 18 to explore their own mental health through photography. The aim of the project is to provide a better understanding of how it feels to be young today. 

With the guidance of professional photographers, workshop films teach the positive link between photography and mental health. Each workshop is accompanied with a task encouraging the practice of smartphone photography as a mindful technique.

Learn More
Publicity 5
CREDIT: Sharp Shots

Sharp Shots Photo Club

We are very excited to be supporting Sharp Shots Photo Club in delivering their workshops and courses. We have some great projects in the pipeline, which we hope will inspire the next generation of photographers.

Click here for further info