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Celebrating Our Heritage
CREDIT: UNESCO World Heritage celebration © Alan Hodgson ASIS FRPS

Photo connections and communities

…where do your pictures go?

I am interested in our photo connections and other communities using photography. I worked in astrophotography for a while so images of the night sky catch my eye. That is why the Space Steps exhibition worked so well for me.

I also do telescopes and as I live near the Jodrell Bank telescope it has often been the subject of my photography. Each year I sit out on a local hill while Jodrell  Bank hosts the Blue Dot festival to watch the radio telescope illuminated by a light show. This year was special as it has just been given UNESCO Heritage Status. While I was taking images of the telescope I was fortunate that someone set off some fireworks, as if in celebration. This one made it into BBC Sky at Night magazine, another publication filled with outstanding images.

We should work on connections with journals like Sky at Night. Where do your pictures go?

Image: UNESCO Heritage celebration © Alan Hodgson