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Bristol Royal Infirmary at night
CREDIT: Bristol Royal Infirmary at night © Alice Kenny

Print viewing

And the benefits it brings

Back in July I went out to University Hospitals Bristol as a RPS Trustee to explore a couple of options. With the move to Bristol we were keen to create links with the Clinical photography unit there and to build the linkage with the RPS Medical Group. This has worked out well and they recently made a visit to RPS House and saw the Sugar Paper Theories exhibition.

The second reason was to look at the use of prints in hospital arts programmes to promote wellness by print viewing. The use of photography and print viewing for the greater good sits well with our Mission and the work of the Landscape group could fit very well in this context. This could become a great collaboration between our two organisations.

And sometimes the clinical and the creative use of photography combine in this setting. Hugh Turvey Hon FRPS, Artist in Residence at The British Institute of Radiology springs to mind in this respect as we met up recently at the RPS Awards evening. On this visit I met with Alice Kenny, Senior Clinical Photographer at University Hospitals Bristol and admired one of her images which she shares with us. I was particularly taken with the sense of immediacy that the moving ambulance imparts to the image.

Image: Bristol Royal Infirmary at Night © Alice Kenny