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Camera Configuration

My camera as a notebook

Building stuff - moon camera part 1

I have been promising myself I would build another really big camera. And I have been studying stuff about the moon camera made by Warren De La Rue in the mid 19th Century. So time to give it a try. Each step of the way I take an image to go in my notebook as a record of the design stages in a project.

So here is a snapshot of early progress. Warren before me used a 13 inch (33cm) diameter mirror to focus the light. I have a 35cm diameter mirror left over from my holography days so close enough for this project. These are heavy pieces of glass so need a sturdy mount. I stole the design from the Lovell Telescope I had seen at the Science Photographer of the Year exhibition. Good enough for Jodrell Bank; good enough for me.

Warren placed his camera in the focus point of the mirror. In his case he used wet glass plates but I decided on a DSLR for now. Here is the record of the first design set up from my note book, taken using my smartphone.

I get a lot of satisfaction and learning from building stuff. Give it a try.

More to follow if the rain keeps off.