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Venus In Pleiades

Sharing our ideas

Doing stuff (sort of) together

One of the great virtues of The RPS comes from the connections across photography. Somewhere amongst our membership there is always someone to share thoughts with, for mutual enrichment and inspiration. I have a recent example around sky photography to share with you.

Patrick Bermingham got in touch with me having viewed these pages. After a little debate it turned out that we were in the process of capturing the same image of the sky at the same time; and with the same type of lens too. By sharing ideas and images we are (sort of) doing stuff together.

The common project we had in mind was catching the planet Venus as it passed through the Pleiades star cluster in early April. My interpretation is shown above; you will find Patrick's interpretation here. Similar creative intent; different style. A common theme across our community that we can share even across distance and isolation.

Share some ideas and let's spend some time doing stuff together. Albeit remotely!

Tech bit

Nikkor 300mm ED manual lens set to f/11 to give well featured diffraction patterns from the diaphragm. Venus is much brighter than the stars so was overexposed to give emphasis to the diffraction "star" but underexpose the Pleiades to simplify their pattern. It also gives visual emphasis to the brightness difference. From a project series on aperture.

Nikon D750 DSLR set to ISO 500 and a 5 second exposure taken on the 4th April as Venus passed in front of the star cluster.