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2010 Blu Tac Camera

A "well travelled" camera

A DIY camera using old lenses

Going through one of my boxes of parts to build stuff in lockdown I came across the parts that made this camera. It consisted of an old 35mm film camera lens that looks likely to join my Aperture project. It is screwed into 2 short extension tubes but a bit of old sink pipe will work too. And fixed on the end is an old USB webcam to form the image sensor.

It was well travelled as it appeared in a number of places. The camera and concept took an airing at the RPS Good Picture meetings of 2007 and 2010 while the webcam appeared in The RPS Journal September 2008. And the parts are still in use today.

The camera got used for some IR pictures. I had been using a compact camera at the time for IR but wanted the versatility of interchangeable lenses. It was held together by blu-tac but you learn a lot by building stuff this way.