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Cardboard Engineering

Inspiration from other members

Carboard engineering for my moon camera

I had a minor problem with my moon camera project. I had stripped off all the protective metal to reduce weight - moving 40kg of optical assembly about was non-trivial. But I had identified a need to build a cover for the 35cm diameter mirror.

Some people use dustbin lids but I did not have one available the right size. The solution once again was to make something. And I found inspiration from a fellow member Catherine MacBride who describes herself as "daydream doodler | paper artist | creative photographer". Her constructions in paper inspired me to construct the cover out of cardboard.

An old monitor box and some book wrappings for stiffness. A bit of folding and gluing. One sturdy mirror cover, made to measure.

Get stuff and fold it. Use it in your photography. Catherine and I are coming at this from different directions but the intent is the same - to add to the satisfaction, enjoyment and creativity in photography.