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Christina Lewis 2
CREDIT: Christina Lewis

Photography for social purpose

Students making a difference

I mentioned in a previous entry that I had sat in on a series of presentations at RPS House from local students. This is the last of them I would like to feature as a story with a social purpose. The image is not intended as a joke.

I will share with you the creative intent of the student photographer Christina Lewis:

"My project aims to show alienation in social pretense. I want to show how people with neurological disorders can feel alienated socially due to their lack of communication skills, but also atypical. I also hope to show how things most people do can be seen as alien to a person with neurological differences and how people on the spectrum can interpret things."

I have done some work with autism charities and I passed this on to the CEO of one. They are now in touch to see where this work can be used for mutual benefit. I am hopeful we will see more of Christina's work in the future.