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CREDIT: Jamie Horrigan

The Issue of Identity

and its many facets

Do you ever pick up a magazine and find so much interesting content there that it stays on your table for ages? This happened for me when my copy of the December 2019 edition of The Journal arrived. IPE LiDAR image, statistics on female photographers in the AOP but my first major "stop" point was the article by Gemma Padley on identity. This resonated with me in a number of ways.

Identity has many facets. Gemma interviewed Austrian artist Lisl Ponger and concentrated on cultural identity. I have spent a substantial amount of my working life safeguarding personal identity through inkjet print solutions for passports and other identity documents. Personal identity is now starting to transition to the smartphone so I now lecture on smartphone imaging solutions. I am off to the Electronic Imaging symposium in California this month with some other RPS members so you may hear more of this later.

I was privileged to hear another facet of identity in photography recently from a group of local students from the Boomsatsuma digital media course presenting at RPS House. Jamie Horrigan presented his project on 'truth', based on his step family. He created a comparison between an  old portrait of his step dad and himself at the same age. Two similar pictures; two different identities. Check him out on instagram @jammies_photos and spot the real Jamie!