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M42 From Oliver Van Zwanenberg
CREDIT: Oliver Van Zwanenberg

Good Picture 2019

a discussion with a Photography student

The RPS Imaging Science Group runs an annual meeting called Good Picture. Through this event the Group endeavours to show how photography works, and how this can help make you a better photographer. I was pleased to be invited to present again at this meeting, this year on digital camera characteristics.

There were a number of presentations that caught my eye this year but I thought one in particular exemplified our educational remit as set out in our Royal Charter. It was given by Oliver van Zwanenberg, a postgraduate student at the University of Westminster, again on measuring camera performance. I spent some time talking to him about his work after his presentation. It turns out we have some unexpected overlaps in our work too.

We are both presenting at the Electronic Imaging symposium in California this month so I will get a chance to see some of his research work presented to a wider audience. But while we were discussing his BSc Photography and Digital Imaging end of year project it came out that Oliver also has an interest in astrophotography. The image used here is the Orion Nebula and formed part of his degree project.

By coincidence my Good Picture presentation also included a wider field image of Orion so we could compare notes. My aim through 2020 is to attend other RPS events so please show me your images too.