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Moon And Contrail

A sort of meeting

Creating the memories of lockdown

One of the abiding memories for me through lockdown is how we have created opportunities to come together through online meetings. These have facilitated the engagement and inclusion of communities that otherwise could not participate in these events if they were not on line. Members and non-members at widely varying distances and on different photographic journeys were joined together at events online.

This theme, of different groups coming together kept occurring to me in my photography. Here is one image that for me held this story. It is another one from my interest in moon photography and built on my thoughts about our sense of community.

A lot of my photography is done in twilight but one afternoon in May I was experimenting with my optical filter set to create some monochrome images. My sky work is often plagued by aircraft contrails that can persist and drift for ages in the sky around me. The pandemic situation had all but eradicated this as an issue so getting an aircraft in frame had become something to remember.

So when this one aircraft turned up I had to press the shutter but considered the significance for more than 1/800 seconds. Here were two objects, separated by at least a factor of 100x in distance. They were on different journeys; one orbiting the earth in space the other climbing through clear skies heading south but sharing similar colour spaces and lit by similar lighting.

It is all a matter of perspective. I will look on contrails in a different way when all this has past. And images like this will be part of my memory journey of the event.


Nikon D750 at ISO 100 with a 1/800s exposure. 300mm Nikkor ED manual lens set to f/5.6.