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Viewing conditions good

Keeping in touch across communities

I seem to be spending a lot of time on video conference systems at present. Yesterday started early as I was discussing International Standards with a group at Fujifilm in Japan. This was a another meeting on International Standards for Photography, this time on Viewing Conditions. These are the standards your computer monitor or print viewing booth manufacturer refer to in order to give you accurate colour. This is where the term "ISO monitor" comes from. It was a pleasure to start the day talking to these long time colleagues in Japan, especially as it will probably be some time before we meet again in person.

The day continued with another video conference to prepare the process for our EGM on Friday. On-line voting took place and I am looking forward to interacting with members, again from across the globe. And last week on-line events took me to the Caspian Sea and to a truly international event on Photo-Therapy. I do suggest you check out some of the future offerings - I will be joining you in some of these. Again, viewing conditions are good.

But at the end of the day it was a pleasure to get outside as viewing conditions for twilight skies looked good. I have a long term project to investigate some unusual effects of camera lens aperture and have been documenting the changing phases of Venus. Waiting for some thin cloud to move out of the way I captured a few more Moon images.

I wanted these to add a sense of scale to the Venus images but caught a little more than I bargained for - bottom left corner. I would imagine that their viewing conditions were better than mine!

Nikon D750 at ISO 100, Nikkor 300mm manual ED lens at f/5.6; 1/320 second exposure.