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Photography for a social purpose

Just taken past in the Photo-Therapy Day online symposium, a joint event with the 'GRIFO' Photo-Therapy Research Group. Some wonderful examples of photography that had a therapeutic purpose. With over 130 participants from across the globe everyone will have their own highlights. But here are mine.

The event started by a presentation "On Hugh Welch Diamond  -  A Father of Photo-Therapy" by Michael Pritchard FRPS of the RPS. Hugh Welch Diamond was one our early members and I went to look up one of his images during a gallery visit in Washington DC. Beautiful piece of photography and the same image was used to illustrate this event.

A presentation on "The Self-Portrait Experience" by Cristina Nuñez, Artist-Photographer and lecturer based in Switzerland. A moving presentation on the therapeutic use of the self portrait, for me putting the selfie craze in context.

Coming closer to home a couple of presentations on Community Photography Projects by Ruth Jacobs and Justin Quinnell, Directors of the Real Photography Company based in Bristol UK. Justin talked on pinhole cameras in Phototherapy making large format paper negatives and cameras from tins. With a background in analogue monochrome this had a great resonance for me. Following this Ruth covered their projects with Refugee and Asylum seekers, showing how photography can help engage disadvantaged groups.

I stuck around for the Q&A session. One of the topics was the use of photography to engage with individuals affected by autism. I have personal experience in this area - the photo is of one of our family resource packs. Photography for a social purpose.

Once again I see the collaboration with GRIFO as congruent with a charitable objective as it uses photography to share knowledge and understanding for social purpose. Inspirational.