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Magic Lantern

An international journey

And through our history too

It has been a frenetic couple of weeks and just catching up. This would normally be my international travel season with conferences and standards meetings at this time of year. But it still feels like I have been around the world, despite never leaving my desk.

It started off with the RPS AGM and I counted 7 nations represented. The same weekend I joined the International Audio Visual Retrospective and the theme continued. For me it has been a journey across the world but also through history.

Like the AGM the audio visual event took us around the world but also showed us snapshots of photographic history. A couple of the presentations took us out to India and my eye was caught by a sequence compiled by the organisers Linda & Edgar Gibbs featuring a magic lantern show. I had been researching the RPS in 1895 for the Collodion conference the next week and lantern slide technology featured in this. So quite a journey that weekend.