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FIAP AV Rankings

An updated list of rankings has been received and is available by clicking on this link. In the next edition of AV News we will publish an explanation of the requirements for the FIAP AV Distinctions and a detailed explanation of the information shown in the list.


Grand Prix Trophy

Grand Prix Trophy

Grand Prix Trophy

The Grand Prix Trophy (see photo) which is awarded to the winner was designed by Lord David Linley, the son of Princess Margaret and Lord Snowdon, and was purchased for the Festival in 1990. Arthur Rackham was then the Chairman of the Festival Committee, and he generously donated the money to make the purchase. Arthur visited Lord Linley’s studio to select the design, which is reminiscent of the top of an Ionic column. He recalled that in those days the RPS meetings were held at Princes Gate in London, and that visiting speakers were required to wear dinner jackets when giving lectures!

The Festival itself has been running since 1976, and prior to the current trophy being commissioned, the Grand Prix winners were presented with a unique piece of glass. These were provided by the Whitefriars Glassworks, and were actually made from by-products of the glass production process. At the end of each firing there would be a residue of waste glass of various shapes at the bottom of the oven. These were utilised as highly individual glass sculptures for the trophies!

Today, the Grand Prix Trophy is kept at Fenton House, and because of its value the winner only gets to be photographed with it rather than keep it! A plaque, also kept at Fenton House, was subsequently commissioned from Lord Linley to record the names of the winners. A list of these can also be seen on the website in the Grand Prix Winners section. The current holder of the Trophy is Graham Sergeant, the Grand Prix winner from the last Festival in 2016. As the date of this year’s Festival approaches, I wonder who will have the honour in 2018?


Sir George Pollock

Sir George Pollock BT Hon FRPS

It is with great sadness that we inform you that Sir George Pollock passed away on Monday 30th May 2016.

Sir George was a past President of The Royal Photographic Society and a leading light in Audio Visual.
Along with Lady Doreen they started the AV News Magazine back in the 1970's.
The Sir George & Lady Doreen Pollock Medal was presented by them in 2012 to encourage newcomers in AV. It is awarded at up to 5 festivals a year for the best sequence by a new entrant.

For tributes to Sir George click here

IMG 1141 As Smart Object 1

AV by iPhone?

I've never blogged before, so this could be fun! I'm also having a lot of fun taking pictures with my iPhone to use in an AV. If you've seen an AV that I recently produced, you'll know that I'm interested to understand why the current smart-phone generation haven't taken to making AVs. As we know millions of phone pictures are taken every day and I have quickly realised the attractions.

The camera is easy to use and the quality,  with the 8Mb sensor in 'normal' lighting, is good.

And then there are the 'apps', you don't have to stick to the basic camera software, there are so many others.

Viveca Koh's article in a recent issue of the RPS 'Digit' magazine gave me a lot of ideas. I like the look of the 'Hipstamatic' app, choosing a 'film' and 'lens' to give a grungy monochrome look, so I took quite a few pics while we were in Snowdonia for the weekend.

More on my progress soon!     

Having discovered apps like Hipstamatic which give you instant gratification, but little control, I'm trying post processing 'straight' iPhone images. So far my favourite image editor is Snapseed which has a convenient and speedy interface. 

And then in Snapseed I adjusted contrast, saturation and then added some 'grunge' and possibly some HDR. The software allows a huge range of adjustments, some 'traditional' and some 'way out'. The interface is interesting, with only a small touch screen to control the image editing, it uses up and down strokes to change the effect to be adjusted, while side to side strokes change the amount of adjustment.

There is a huge range of ways of adjusting the image including centre-focus, tilt-shift, retrolux and drama. And the adjustments need not be across the whole image, you can make selective adjustments to part of the image.

So a week with a lot more photos on the iPhone, I even have a tripod attachment for it now.

Oh yes, I also caught a member of Council taking pictures on his iPhone.

So the camera in the iPhone seems of good quality and I can post-process the images. The next thing to think about, for AV, is how I can record sound on the iPhone. More next week.

Howard Bagshaw



2016 02 20 WGAVG Workshop 2015

Story Telling with a Camera - Workshop

A workshop, bringing together AV and film workers with creative writers, is being run at Wilmslow on 7th March. Led by Jill Bunting and John Smith, this should be a day to help photographers and writers plan how best to tell stories through the medium of AV.

The details of the workshop are on the Wilmslow Guild AV Group website