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Campaign for Dark Skies

My particular creative genre is twilight photography; the sky around sunrise or sunset. I live in NW England so a local challenge is cloud, and often rain. I chose to live with this as the views are awesome. The particular issue that is creeping up on me is light pollution, living just to the south of the Manchester conurbation.

As we transition from yellow sodium to white LED streetlighting the issue is getting worse, leaving a grey glow on the NNW horizon. This was particularly obvious recently while recording Comet Neowise. This image was taken close to local midnight - it no longer gets much darker than this in that direction.

Thankfully there are groups active to guard and improve our twilight skies. This week it was my pleasure to place a submission on behalf of the RPS with the UK Government All-Party Parliamentary Group for Dark Skies. The RPS has a role representing photography and photographers on issues like this.

 Nikon D750 DSLR at ISO 5000 and 10s exposure. 300mm Nikkor manual lens at f/5.6