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CREDIT: Chris Renk

Photo Work 1st Quarter 2020

Here you will find an accumulation of member's photo work, taken during the 1st Quarter 2020. Every quarter, Members are asked to send in their best photos of the current quarter to provide stimulation for the others.

Also limited in freedom of movement, the members of the German Chapter still were able to capture subjects in the outdoors.

The main focus was set on nature photography, followed by landscape and contemporary.

The employed shooting and development techniques varied from close-up, over black and white to 16:9 format images. Each of the photos is clearly unique and shows the diversity amongst the German Chapter members!


Nature Photography

Cre Q1 20 Getting Low 1000Px
CREDIT: Chris Renk

Photographer: Chris Renk
Image title: Getting Low
Image subject: Nature
Country: Bavaria, Germany


Mg 1970 1000Px

Photographer: Graham Soden, ARPS
Image title: Squirrel
Image subject: Nature
Country: Vormsele, Sweden


Dma 2020 03 28 1000Px
CREDIT: Dietrich Manz

Photographer: Dietrich Manz
Image title: Nectar breakfast
Image subject: Nature
Country: Rhineland-Palatinate, Germany


Klu 01 20 Baumstruktur 1000Px

Photographer: Karsten Lutz
Image title: Structure of a tree
Image subject: Nature
Country: North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany



Landscape Photography

Gem Q1 20 Way Of Life 1000Px
CREDIT: Martin Gerling

Photographer: Martin Gerling, LRPS
Image title: Way of Life
Image subject: Leading Lines
Country: Mecklenburg Vorpommern, Germany


Wit Q1 20 Wintertime 1000Px
CREDIT: Horst Witthueser LRPS

Photographer: Horst Witthueser, LRPS
Image title: Wintertime in Greetsiel
Image subject: Landscape
Country: Lower Saxony, Germany



Night Photography

Epo 01 20 Hamburg 1000Px

Photographer: Eberhard Potempa
Image title: Elbphilharmonie and City Harbour of Hamburg
Image subject: Night Photography
Country: City of Hamburg, Germany



Contemporary Photography

Geu Q1 20 Skates 1000Px
CREDIT: Ute Gerling

Photographer: Ute Gerling
Image title: Skates
Image subject: Living Art
Country: Saxony, Germany


Sir Q1 20 Trapped 1000Px
CREDIT: Siegfried Rubbert, LRPS

Photographer: Siegfried Rubbert, LRPS
Image title: Trapped
Image subject: Contemporary
Country: North Rhine-Westphalia, Germany


As a member of the German Chapter, please submit your "Favourite" of the 2nd Quarter 2020 until the 30 June 2020 to the following Email