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Photo Work

Quaterly Assembly of Member's Photo-Work

What our Members focused on ...

On this page, you can inform yourself about the photographic work of the Chapter members in the respective quarters. The quarterly photos are for training the members and to encourage them to take pictures. At the same time, the opportunity is given to expanding their individual portfolios. The insight into the work of the other members also offers the opportunity to make suggestions regarding the selection of motifs and the photographic techniques used.

All members are invited to participate actively in the quarterly photo work. The only requirement is that the photo has been taken in the current quarter.

The photos should have a minimum resolution of 3000 x 3000 pixels. Please make sure to send the pictures in 3x2 (2x3) format.

Please refer to the eMagazine Q1-2021 for deadlines and file names.

Sir Q2 22 Beach Toys
Quarter II/2022
2201 Horstw The Control Center Of Power
Quarter I/2022