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Cre Q3 Rana Esculenta Oh Look Who Is Watching.
CREDIT: Chris Renk

Members Photo Work of the 3rd Quarter 2020

Every quarter, Members are asked to send in their best photos of the current quarter to provide stimulation for the others.

The photos sent in for the third quarter show how different the orientation of the members of the chapter can be. Topics for the past quarter include landscape, architecture, nature and contemporary photography. The techniques used in these areas show the great ingenuity of the participating photographers.

We are now all the more excited about the photos for the 4th quarter of 2020!


Landscape Photography

Epo Q3 Tjeukemeer
CREDIT: Eberhard Potempa

Photographer: Eberhard Potempa
Image title: Tjeukemeer (Province Friesland)
Image subject: Landscape
Country: Netherlands


Architecture Photography

Wit Q3 Timber Frame Filled With Cow Dung
CREDIT: Horst Witthueser LRPS

Photographer: Horst Witthueser
Image title: timber_frame_filled_with_cow_dung
Image subject: farm life
Country: Sauerland, NRW, Germany


Nature Photography

Cre Q3 Rana Esculenta Oh Look Who Is Watching.
CREDIT: Chris Renk

Photographer: Chris Renk
Image title: Rana esculenta - Oh, look who's watching.
Image subject: Nature Photography
Country: Isle of Fehmarn, Germany


Contemporary Photography

Sir Q3 20 Yellow Light
CREDIT: Siegfried Rubbert LRPS

Photographer: Siegfried Rubbert LRPS
Image title: yellow light
Image subject: Lost places
Country : Germany



As a member of the German Chapter, please submit your "Favourite" of the 4th Quarter 2020 until the 31 December 2020 to the following Email