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Gem Q4 22 Play Of Colors
CREDIT: Martin Gerling LRPS

Members Photo Work of the 4th Quarter 2022

Every quarter, Members are asked to send in their best photos of the current quarter to provide stimulation for the others.

In the fourth quarter of 2022, our members were particularly creative and produced awe-inspiring masterpieces of photography.

In addition to the common areas of photography, such as landscape and street photography, light painting and Intentional Camera Movement (ICM) were also addressed.

Chris Renk was on a short holiday in the east of Germany and captured the autumn atmosphere.

Horst Witthueser pursued his passion for street photography and captured curious compositions of objects in his close neighbourhood.

Martin Gerling once again entered the realm of light painting and captured its colourful facets.

Siegfried Rubbert, who already spoke about his passion for Intentional Camera Movements in the last issue of our eMagazine, once again presents his skills in this field of photography.

We are now all the more excited about the photos for the VI. Quarter 2022!


Nature Photography

CRE Q4 22 Thefamily
CREDIT: Chris Renk

Photographer: Chris Renk
Image title: The Family
Image subject: Nature Photography
Country: Kromlau, East Saxony, Germany



Street Photography

Wit Q4 Street Shop
CREDIT: Horst Witthueser LRPS

Photographer: Horst Witthüser
Image title: Street shop
Image subject: Street photography
Country: Germany



Contemporary Art Photography

Gem Q4 22 Play Of Colors
CREDIT: Martin Gerling LRPS

Photographer: Martin Gerling
Image title: Play of colors
Image subject: Art
Country: North Rhine- Westphalia, Germany



ICM Photography

Sir Q4 22 Pas De Deux Of Venice
CREDIT: Siegfried Rubbert LRPS

Photographer : Siegfried Rubbert LRPS
Image title: Pas de deux of Venice
Image subject: ICM photography
County : Italy



As a member of the German Chapter, please submit your "Favourite" of the 1st Quarter 2023 until 31 March 2023 to the following Email address: