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35mm Film Canisters
CREDIT: Markus Winkler

Photography companies release new analogue products

Kodak, Fujifilm and Lomography release new analogue products in time for Christmas

The season of gift-giving is upon us so, naturally, companies around the world have been announcing and promoting new products to catch the eye of consumers who are looking for potential presents. This is certainly true of the photography industry and, this year, there is also a host of analogue photography offerings too. 

In September Fujifilm announced the Instax Square SQ1, a stylish square format version of the popular Instax Mini. 62mm x 62mm images print automatically in approximately 90 seconds with cameras available in chalk white, terracotta orange and glacier blue. Along with this new camera comes two new square format films: Instax Square Monochrome and Instax Square Rainbow, providing buyers with greater film choice.

Recently, Lomography unveiled the unique HydroChrome Sutton’s Panoramic Belair Camera - a liquid lens 35mm-format panoramic camera, believed to be a world first. ‘Inspired by Thomas Sutton’s original liquid-filled lens, we have crafted a contemporary version of the unconventional original unlike any other on earth,’ explain Lomography ‘you can manipulate the liquid through which the lens focuses, leading to a whole host of effects and deviations with which to intensify your shots.’ The camera and lens comes along with four interchangeable aperture plates, a tube, valve and syringe, aperture and shutter modules and a comprehensive guide. You can pre-order the camera on Lomography’s website.

Kodak, meanwhile, are seeking to solve the problem of film canisters swimming around your bag or draw by releasing a set of Kodak-branded aluminium canisters suitable for holding five 35mm canisters at a time. The product is something of a throwback to the film-holders popular in the 1970s before plastic individual canisters became the norm. As well as being made of, potentially recyclable materials, the canisters seek to give your films ‘strong protection’. “The case is small and portable, making it ideal for all analog lovers. It protects your film rolls dry and clean, and organises five rolls of 35mm film in one place. It is perfect for a day out for shooting or even a sweet long holiday.” Kodak explained on their website. The canisters come in a variety of colours, with six options available to purchase here.

Film photography retailer Analogue Wonderland, have produced a subscription box service called Analogue WonderBox, in which subscribers pay to receive bi-monthly packages through the post filled with curated film products such as an assortment of 35mm films, developer and cyanotype kit (as was September’s offering), along with guides and tips and other Analogue Wonderland products. Read more bout the subscription service here.

For more news and information about Analogue cameras and photography, visit the Analogue Group webpage here.