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35Mm Film By Markus Spiske For Unsplash
CREDIT: Markus Spiske For Unsplash

Analogue Photography News Bulletins

A collection of brief news items from around the web focused on analogue photography

This article brings together several brief news items from around the web, focused on analogue photography, including a new social media app dedicated to film photographers, a hotly anticipated developer and an award-winning tintype.

A Social Media Platform For Film Photographers
Analogue photographs uploaded to Instagram tend to get lost in the hubbub of mobile phone shots, filters and reels, but a new app, in the same vein as Instagram, aims to become the analogue-friendly image-sharing app of choice. ’Grainery is a place to share, learn, and collaborate for analog photographers’ the introduction claims. Uploading your photographs to Grainery involves features such as selecting which camera you used, lens, film type and more, giving film enthusiasts a social media platform tailored to their passion. Though the app is in its infancy, photographers all over the world have embraced the service by uploading their photographs. Take a look at the app here

A Brand New Photo Developer 
The recently launched photochemical company, Zone Imaging, has announced a new film developer that it claims has a shelf life of well over six years, can render grain finer than most known developers and requires low dilution levels. The new product comes as part of founder James Lane’s promise to bring ‘the latest photochemical research to the world’. In 2020 Zone Imaging was set up as a ‘bespoke film processing lab’, but soon chose to go a step further and provide photochemistry and film through research. The company released its first product, 510 Pyro straining developers, and has now announced another in the form of the yet-to-be-released developer, all part of the company’s vision ’to bring actual new developers to the commercial market that would be more environmentally friendly than the traditional ones already available with the added bonus of giving advancements in technical results and breakthroughs in the science’. The developer is due to be released in the next few months via Zone Imaging’s website here.

An Award-Winning Wet Plate Portrait
The RPS’ own Guy Bellingham FRPS won the International Portrait Photographer of The Year’s ‘Character Study’ category with his tintype image ‘Doug Francisco of The Invisible Circus’. The wet plate portrait forms part of Bellingham’s series on circus performers. View more of the series and learn about Guy’s other photographic work at his website here.

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