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35Mm Films By Andrey Konstantinov At Unsplash
CREDIT: Andrey Konstantinov

Analogue's Increase in Market Demand

New Film Products & A Boom in Analogue Photography

Ricoh Imaging has announced plans for the Pentax brand to launch a ‘film camera project’, in which seasoned analogue experts and young emerging photographers will be brought together under research and development for ‘new film-based products’.

The announcement comes as various photography brands around the world have reversed their abandonment of film photography, thanks to the ‘dying’ art’s popularity with younger audiences who are looking to ‘slow down’ and learn the craft.

According to Eastman Kodak’s Vice President of Film Manufacturing, Natraj Bokinkere, market demand for analogue products is fuelling an expansion in film production. In a recent podcast, Bokinkere claimed retailers “can’t keep these films on the shelves and they want more,” he went on to add “we literally cannot keep up with demand, we need more employees. We’re hiring.”

To mark the launch of the Ricoh/Pentax project, a short teaser video was released via the Ricoh Imaging website.

In analogue product news, Dubblefilm has released a new ISO 400 35mm colour film, Dubblefilm Treat, which produces images with fine grain and unique, dreamy colours.

Harman Technologies has announced that the popular Ilford Photo Kentmere Pan 100 and Pan 400 35mm films are now available in 120 formats.

Lomography, on the other hand, is encouraging analogue photographers to upload their shots via their new digital film scanning lab, which allows users to scan films, in positive or negative form, edit the images and then share them online. The free tool uses a simple interface named DigitaLIZA Lab, that can be used in conjunction with Lomography’s own £65 DigitaLIZA+ Scanning Kit.

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