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New Film Cameras from Leica and Kodak

Leica and Kodak announce the release of new film cameras

The resurgence of analogue photography’s popularity continues, as two leading camera manufacturers announce the release of two new film cameras; the luxury M-A Titan from Leica and the pocket-sized Ektar H35 Half Frame from Kodak:

Leica Cameras are known for their high-end qualities and high-end prices, but the German camera manufacturer has decided to go one step further with its series of limited edition titanium models. Announced on its website last week, the Leica M-A ‘Titan’ is a luxury film camera featuring the Summicron lens with ‘key components […] milled from solid titanium - a material known for its exceptional resilience and durability’. The line will be limited to only 250 cameras, all engraved with their respective special-edition serial numbers and presented in a black silk-lined presentation box. The analogue camera is retailing at £18,000 ($20,000) and is described by the company as a ‘purely mechanical camera’, which ‘neither relies on power nor data connections’, as the ‘epitome of Leica’s philosophy to concentrate on the essential: a return to photography in its purest form’.

Kodak has released a new film camera which uniquely shoots two photographs per 35mm frame. The Ektar H35 Half Frame is billed as an analogue camera that will ‘reduce film usage and related costs’ by allowing photographers to shoot 72 images on a 35mm roll of film. Packaged as the perfect camera for film beginners; ‘designed to be handy and easy-to-use’, the camera comes with built-in flash, a 22mm F9.5 optical lens and a manual wind and rewind. Weighing in at 100 grams, the pocket-sized camera has a retro-designed body and comes in four colours; black, brown, sage and sand’, retailing at £42 ($49.99). 

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