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Red lit darkroom
CREDIT: Francisco Gonzalez On Unsplash

Inventive Analogue Products Coming in 2024

Two new analogue products are ready for arrival in 2024

New analogue photography products have recently been announced with a particular focus on inventive creations, from a fun environmentally-friendly camera to a DIY pull-apart film kit.

Finite Industries, a composite camera manufacturer from Scotland, has announced the launch of a new modular pinhole camera - their first in what is hoped to be a series of modular cameras, such as panorama and curved film planes. 

The fi35 is a 3D printed creation, made from reusable materials in a combination of colourful parts. According to the company’s Instagram, the camera is ‘designed to be fully disassembled so that all parts are replaceable if necessary.’ Though simple in function, the pinhole camera comes with a range of features including an integrated spirit level, frame indicator, and tripod mount, as well as an internal frame for loading 35mm film. The camera retails at £125 and can be ordered from Finite Industries’ website here

Die-hard fans of instant pull-apart film will already be familiar with One Instant, a Vienna-based company that ‘produces the world’s only peel-apart pack film’. However, the highly specialised product is expensive to produce, so One Instant has produced a DIY Film Kit so photographers can create their own film and, therefore, reduce the cost. ‘For the first time in instant film history, final assembly is put into the hands of the photographer - giving you the most immersive and affordable One Instant packfilm ever!’ Explains the company website. ‘Our clever light-seal design allows us to take care of critical darkroom assembly in our Vienna darkroom, leaving you to fully enjoy the step-by-step process of crafting your own One Instant packfilm from scratch.’ The kit comes with all the parts and tools required to make the film, as well as an illustrated guide. The kit is currently on sale for £78 and will be shipped out in the first quarter of 2024. Read more about it here.

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