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Photo of analogue cameras by Christian Mackie
CREDIT: Christian Mackie for unsplash

New Analogue Cameras from Pentax and Lomography

The analogue resurgence continues with two new film cameras announced

Creative analogue company Lomography has launched the Lomomatic 110 - a cartridge-based film camera, harking back to the 110-format cameras popular in the 1970s.

Back in 2012, Lomography started their own line of 110 films, first in black and white, then colour, and now they’ve gone one step further by ‘bringing the sharpest, most creative 110 camera around to life’.

The Lomatic 110 features a 23mm Minitar CX multi-coated glass lens, zone-focusing, controllable ISO settings, automatic exposure, two aperture modes and a flash connection. The distinctive rectangular ‘pocket-sized’ body comes in two options; classic ‘Metal’ or retro ‘Golden Gate’, with the option for a detachable flash on both models.

Lomography bills the camera as ‘Your passport to adventure; hit the road with the sharpest, most creative pocket-sized camera on Earth.’ Find out more, or preorder your own at the Lomography website here.

While vintage-inspired film cameras make a comeback, the Pentax brand has decided to get in on the action by announcing their all-new compact camera; a fixed-lens, hand-crank, integrated-flash compact camera, as part of the company’s Film Camera Project, which was revealed back in 2022.

The project, announced by Ricoh Imaging, involved the coming together of analogue experts and emerging film photographers to help research and develop ‘new film-based products’. Just over a year later, the first film camera is said to be in development with a view to launch this summer. Find out more about this ongoing project at Ricoh Imaging’s website here.

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