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Frosty dog walking on Whitegate Way by Mike Lloyd
CREDIT: Mike Lloyd

RPS Landscape Group Monthly Competition March 2021

An online Photography competition for RPS Landscape Group Members.


Members submitted another wonderful collection of images to the March Landscape Group competition between the 1st and the 23rd of March!  



1st Place

Frosty Dog Walk on Whitegate Way by Mike Lloyd

I am fascinated by woodlands and the endless photographic opportunities offered during the seasons and differing weather conditions. 

I am fortunate to live in the North West,near several woodland areas, which enables me to travel easily to photograph these variations throughout the year. 

I recently started a project on the Whitegate Way, which is a 10 km disused railway track which winds its way through some beautiful woodland.  I live less than 10 minutes from this area enabling me to travel at any time when the conditions look promising . 

This image was taken in January 2019 on a very cold morning with a heavy frost and cloudless sky.  I set out at 6am to one of my favourite spots just as a dog walker came into view with the sun breaking through behind him. I just had to wait until he was central in the image before pressing the shutter.  Sometimes you are just lucky!? 

The image was processed in Lightroom using the main sliders. 

I am continuing with this project and hope to submit my images for an RPS distinction. 

See more of Mike Lloyd's photography.. and on Instagram 


Comments made by RPS Landscape Members on why they voted for Mike's image

  • Liked the colour palette, point of focus at the end, tracery of branches. Chas Hockin.
  • Created great atmosphere on a cold journey threw the photograph.
  • Tremendous detail combined with beautiful soft lighting. The figures are beautifully framed. Caught my eye immediately!
  • I choose Whitegate Bay, as it is a nice painterly scene.
  • Great capture of the morning colours combined with recession.


2nd Place

Roughting Linn by Phillip Dove 

See more of Philip Dove's photography.. and on Instagram


Comments made by RPS Landscape Members on why they voted for Phillip's image

  • An outstanding monochrome with a rich tonal range.  Excellent judgement on the lighting, lending an air of darkness and mystery.  The composition and right degree of water smoothing make for an exceptionally pleasing image.  David Penrose LRPS.
  • An interesting composition, well executed. Sheer originality and beauty and clever long exposure.
  • I selected Roughting Linn due to textures and subtlety of the lighting on the flowing water, all in an unusual setting.
  • Very subtle image with well developed blacks and beautiful waterfall
  • Just the right amount of exposure time. A busy image cleverly broken up by the use of the diagonal and the 2 vertical falls of water. Good toning in the mono presentation. Dave SHILLABEER ARPS. 


3rd Place

Golden Tree By Janet Lowe LRPS


How the competition works

  • Landscape Members email their image.
  • Images are displayed on RPS Landscape group’s website.
  • In the last week of the month, Members are sent a link to a voting form and invited to vote for their favourite 3 images.
  • The 1st, 2nd and 3rd place winners are announced on the 1st of the month and can be seen on the Landscape Group competition web page.
  • The Prize - for the first 6 months the 1st place winner will get to choose one of fotoVUE's photo-location guidebooks.

Full instructions can be found on the RPS Landscape Group website.

Look out on the RPS Landscape Group Facebook page for updates.

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