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Misty mornings By Diana Buzoianuarps
CREDIT: Diana Buzoianuarps

Landscape Monthly Competition

For RPS Landscape Group Members

Images should be sent to:  One image per RPS Landscape Member per month.  Images should be 2000px wide - there is no restriction on how tall your pictures are.  So please resize them up to 2000px by XXXXX px. (NOT XXXX px by 2000 px).  

Please name your jpegs as follows - Image Title by Your Name, e.g. "Brighton Beach By Hazel Smith LRPS".

Winners and runners up will have their images showcased in RPS Landscape publications, RPS Landscape Facebook, RPS Landscape Instagram and the RPS website.

Voting takes place in the last week of the month.  All Landscape members will be emailed a link where they will be able to vote for their favourite 3 images or look out for the voting announcement link on this page and on our Facebook RPS Landscape Group.   

Open for entries 1st to 23rd of each month.

Voting takes place 24th to 28th of each month.

The Prize  1st place prize in 2022 is Robert Harvey's book in hard cover, Britain's Best Landscapes and How to Photograph Them.


January - we're voting

Voting is open from 24th to 28th January

The voting form can be opened from here.  Once the Google form is opened, simply add your name, select the 3 images, make your comment (include the image title) and submit the form. You may only vote once and please do not vote for your own image.  

If you have a problem opening the Google voting form please email me on and we will send the form directly to you.  

Winners will be announced on the RPS Landscape Group website and Facebook on the 1st February 2022.  


Click on the image title to open in full view

Race By Anthony Wright
CREDIT: Anthony Wright

The images that Landscape Group members are submitting to the monthly competitions are stunning. It would be great to display these images, credited to the photographer, on the Landscape Group website i.e. on the homepage or the top header image etc.  

If you would prefer your image is not displayed on the Landscape Group webpages after the competition has finished, please mention this when submitting your image for the competition. 

Thank you


December's Winning Photographers

 Click on the image title to open in full view

Sunset Over Paris By Rolf Kraehenbuehl
CREDIT: Rolf Kraehenbuehl

Competition Gallery


RPS Landscape Group Monthly Competition.  

See the winning entries from previous months...




The copyright on all images belongs to the photographer

“Landscape” photography is defined as the photographing of all elements of the land, mountains, hills, farmland, the coast, bodies of water, urban and rural environments, under varying lighting and weather conditions, in both traditional and abstract forms.