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1st Place Warfside By Alex Stratis
CREDIT: Alex Stratis

RPS Landscape Group Monthly Competition December 2023

An online monthly Photography competition for RPS Landscape Group Members.

Winners Announcement

Landscape Group Members submitted another stunning collection of images to the Landscape Group competition in December 2023.


1st Place

Warfside by Alex Stratis

Shad Thames: A Southwark Serenade in Puddle Glass.  Besides the inwards of River Neckinger, where the Thames, old as London herself, whispers against the shore, lies Shad Thames. Not the grand pronouncements of Westminster, nor the sugared allure of Mayfair, but a sonata in weathered brick and oaken bone, a humble lullaby of cobbled streets and lamplight waltzing on the water.

Here, history hums in the worn caress of cobbles, each indentation a footstep in time. Draymen, rogues, and revolutionaries have all etched their passage through these ancient veins. The warehouses, silent sentinels now, once brimmed with the salty song of the sea, their brick-laid facades like sun-bleached driftwood, bearing the whispers of far-flung shores.

And the water, ah, the water! Not the rippling expanse of ocean, but a canvas of quiet contemplation. A puddle, perchance, a fragment of sky fallen to earth, cradling the giants above in its liquid arms. The warehouses lean in, Narcissus seeking solace in their own reflection, their weathered forms mirrored in the mercurial embrace.

Is it nostalgia that tinges the air, the scent of pipe smoke and stevedore sweat clinging to the damp brick? Or perhaps a humbler magic, the whispered secrets of a city's forgotten corners, where time slows its frantic pace and beauty blooms in the cracks.

This is Shad Thames, where the grand and the gritty find common ground, reflected in the fleeting grace of a puddle. No hero's pose, no gilded frame, just the quiet hum of existence, a melody etched in water and worn stone. A Southwark serenade, sung in the twilight whispers of a city's soul. Warfside at last.

Alex Stratis IG @stratisphere


2nd Place

Autumn Turns to Winter by Ashley Franklin ARPS


3rd Place


Icy Fingers by Peter Stott ARPS

How To Enter

RPS Landscape Group members may submit one jpg image, per month.  Before submitting, please resize your image to 2000px wide. 

Members can add their own image on the monthly competition page by clicking on the 'Add Photo'.  After loading the image please add the title and your name and please include your RPS distinction against your name.

Winners and runners-up will have their images displayed on the RPS Landscape website, Facebook, Newsletter and Instagram

All Landscape Group members will be invited to vote and the 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed winners will be announced on the RPS Landscape Group website and RPS Landscape Group's Social Media on the 1st of the month.

Open for entries 1st to 23rd.

Voting takes place 24th to 28th.

The Prize Your choice from one of fotovue's outdoor photography books with high-quality location information showing where to take the best photographs or the excellent book, Britain's Best Landscapes and How to Photograph Them by Robert Harvey.


Please be on the lookout on the RPS Landscape Group's Homepage and on the RPS Landscape Facebook group for updates.