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Boat By Barn, Thornham

Creating Good Impressions

David Townshend ARPS


David Townshend’s solo exhibition of 92 abstract and impressionist photographs opens today at the Yarrow Gallery in Oundle, Northamptonshire.  Click here for more details. 



View From The Tate, St Ives
All Lined Up

A major part of the exhibition presents images from his Coastal Impressions project and I asked David what the inspiration was behind this project?

"The coast has been central to my life - I was brought up there, did my PhD on coastal shorebirds and spent my working life conserving the coast.  My approach to the project was stimulated by the inspiring workshops run by Valda Bailey and Doug Chinnery and their creation of impressionist images through multiple exposure and camera movement."

Cyanotype Geese
Moorings Mosaic, Cley


I asked David how he would describe his images.

"I try to create images that interpret the light and colours, shapes and patterns of coastal landscapes.  Some of my images are pure abstracts, but in much of my work I combine elements present at that location at that time on that day, to create a sense of place."  

Glowing, Bosham
From An Orange Boat 1



How did you create the images?

"All of the images have been created in the field, as I press the shutter button (several times) - rather than being composed on the computer.  My camera allows me to choose from various exposure blend modes, and vary the number of exposures, shutter speed, focal length, white balance and of course viewpoint in creating the final composite frame.  And all are hand-held. 


Subsequent editing in Lightroom is limited to basic adjustments such as exposure, vibrance, tone curve and white balance.  However, I have found that the freedom with which I tweak images has increased as my personal style develops, and the images become more abstract."

Autumn Saltmarsh, Holme
Beach Plaid




Finally, I asked David what he enjoys about this approach to photography?

"Impressionist photography appeals to me because it provides the opportunity to be creative.  I am able to present a different take on the world around me.  It is a very stimulating approach.  I love the spontaneity, serendipity and fun - and the ability to look afresh at something or somewhere I thought I knew and create intriguing and unique images."

Thornham Moorings




The exhibition runs until 24th January 2020 and entry is free.





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