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Spotlight Ridge

Views from Above

"I am very fortunate that I am able to combine my love of photography with a love of flying.  Photography has been a big part of my life since I was given my first SLR camera – a Pentax Program-A – when I was 14, but my passion for flying has been even stronger.  

Whilst studying aeronautical engineering at university, I began my flying career by joining the university gliding club and trained to become an airline pilot.  It is so hard to describe the freedom and beauty of unpowered flight, but by sharing photographs, I can give others a glimpse of my amazing view of our world.

Obviously, as a pilot, I always prioritise operating the aircraft over taking an image and, as such, I have seen amazing things which now exist only in my memories, but from time to time I am able to grab an image.  

In gliding, I enjoy competitive racing – we use upwards air currents to sustain flight and, like sailing yachts, we are able to cover large set courses at high speeds.  I have flown over 500 miles in a single flight in the UK, from Cambridge to Wales, back to the Norfolk coast and out to the Midlands before returning to Cambridge, all without an engine.  

In Scotland and New Zealand, I have climbed with no engine to altitudes higher than my airliner using a phenomenom called mountain wave.  Obviously, whilst racing, I have no time to wield a camera, but before racing starts, or when gliding with other pilots, I can enjoy the views.

Opportunities to catch moments of beauty from an airliner are even rarer as a pilot, but we often are asked to position as passengers in the cabin or on the spare crew seat and then I get the chance to use a camera."

Sarah Kelman ARPS

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