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The Ted Project by Andy Holloway


"I've been working on a project for the last 4 years photographing Teddy boys around the UK.  As the first identifiable youth cult (Teddy Boys started in 1954 and pre-date American Rock & Roll) they are still going today."

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"At weekend events and in small rock and roll clubs around the country, many of the Teds from the resurgence in the 1970s (featured in Chris Steele-Perkins excellent photo book 'Teddy Boys') are still around although numbers are dwindling.

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I've been photographing both the old guard and young teds at these events to document the scene and have been capturing some interviews to go alongside."




"I'm also trying to find a home for an exhibition of the images but I am struggling to find venues.  If you have any advice on this front, it would be gratefully received."

If you have any feedback for Andy or any suggestions for exhibition venues then please contact me here and I will pass it on.

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