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10. New Dawn


by David Townshend ARPS



I asked David to talk about his latest set of multiple exposure images and explain the inspiration and motivation behind them.


2. Blocked
1. Chaos


"My project ‘Separation’ is about my feelings following the loss of personal contact with my young grandchildren during the first coronavirus lockdown. 

My normal approach to creating images tends to be serendipitous – just see what happens.

However, for a Bailey & Chinnery 'Cultivating Creativity' online workshop I attended in May and June 2020, the participants had to produce a panel of images on a given theme.  

I chose 'emotion’ – a challenge for me as I don’t normally do emotions, and rarely do I consciously start with a topic and then take images to tell a story."

4. Anger
5. Despondency






"To make the project even more challenging I decided that all the images had to be created in my garden and edited in Lightroom only.  

The images were created on a single day, which perhaps creates a sense of coherence.  The recurring motif of an oval/double oval represents my grandchildren.

I arranged the images into the panel shown below.  The top line represents my feelings of despair, exclusion and despondency at the imposition of lockdown.  The shapes and colours are harsh and warning, full of threat.

'Chaos' (shown here top right) reflects the uncertainty and anxiety over the implications of a lockdown.  'Blocked' (shown here top left) means no contact with my grandchildren – the motif is blocked from view."


3. Danger




'Danger' (left) - "This is apparently a simple, literal image saying No! and Banned!, but it is full of ambiguities.

There is an apparent conflict and contradiction between the gentle pink background and the graphic cross – a harsh message, which conveys the danger to life – yet, as we know, not so for children.  

This also echoes the confusing information we have all received during this crisis.  The image conveys not only danger but also exclusion."




7. Mist Clearing
8. The Barriers Fade


"The middle line conveys both acceptance and some hope of an end to separation.

The images are less aggressive, less strident in mood, with softer tonal values. The lines and colours become softer too.  This brings a glimmer of light suggesting the hint of a way forward.

From the middle line onwards, the grandchildren motif gradually becomes more visible and accessible.  

Perhaps we see the 'Mist Clearing' (left) but the lack of full clarity also represents our sometimes stuttering contact via smartphones and computer screens rather than face to face."

13. Calm
11. Fun







"The bottom line reflects my feelings at the prospect of light beyond the gloom, a new sunrise and the joy of renewed contact, and finally the calmness of us all being together again.

The colours are happier; the harsh lines have been replaced by soft curves and a dancing rhythm.

This series of images expresses my changing emotions from initial despair through acceptance to hope and finally the joy of renewed personal contact and a return to normality – an end to enforced separation and spending happy times with my grandchildren again."



9. Renewal
12. Cuddles



"I found this story-telling approach to my photography to be particularly rewarding."


To find out more about Valda Bailey and Doug Chinnery workshops click here







Top Row: 'Chaos', 'Blocked', 'Danger', 'Anger', 'Despondency'

Middle Row: 'Glimmer of Hope', 'Mist Clearing', 'The Barriers Fade'

Bottom Row: 'Renewal', 'New Dawn', 'Fun', 'Cuddles', 'Calm'


Separation Panel

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