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Interview with Di Wilkins ARPS

Di tells us about her start in photography, where her passion started and what she now enjoys

Where did you start photography

I decided to join Exeter Camera Club in 2002 as my husband was working away and I thought it might be a distraction.  I had no idea about the ins and outs of taking a photograph.  I bought myself a bridge camera and attached myself to a member of the club whose images I liked.  I stuck to him like a leech and he has set me up for what is now a passion for Photography. Thank you Ken Barrett. 

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What kind of photography do you enjoy or specialise in

It used to be landscape and holiday photography. As I widened my experience I have left landscape behind in favour of more studio based photography. I have been involved in a group heavily involved in dance photography, involving ourself in contemporary, ballet, belly amongst others.  I have always been interested in still life and my interest in art and photography in this genre is a continuing passion.  I will ‘have a go’ at anything, such as the woven portrait shown) just to add to my experience but my main interest for some time now is floral photography. I think this is a permanent passion!

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What is your involvement with the RPS

I gained my LRPS in 2010 and my ARPS in 2016. I have served on the Committee for the South West Region, running some of the Distinctions Advisory Days and at present help run the SW VA Group. 

What is your photographic involvement outside the RPS

Often visualise 

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Any tips you may have for other Regional Members

The RPS has a lot to offer and I have found the more you get involved the more you get out of it.  I have met lots of photographers whom I admire and have learned from and really enjoy getting together when we have VA Member’s Days.  If you are thinking of trying for a Distinction the Advisory Days are a must. I have been attending them for some years and always find them inspirational.  

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What is your favourite or most useful piece of equipment

My friends know me as a gadget person but the only piece of equipment I could not do without is my camera of course!

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Who is your favourite photographer or one who has influenced your work

I am always looking at other photographers’ work, especially in still life and floral photography.  Imogen Cunningham and Robert Mapplethorpe, and more recently Kathleen Clemens influence my floral photography and Kelvin Best for his amazing still life images.  From my point of view one of the best things to come out of the internet is to bring these people closer.  I would not have dreamed of someone like Kathleen Clemens looking at my images but Instagram makes this possible. 

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What is your approach to your photography

I often have an idea for an image in my mind followed by the journey to get there. I am always keeping an eye out for props, and luckily have friends who often have what I am looking for. When you look through your images for the first time on the computer and one pops out and makes you smile, your know it is well worth it.  

All the images shown here have been produced since the lockdown on 23rd March. I have really enjoyed putting together a presentation of my Coronavirus Incarceration Gallery!

Instagram: diwilkins

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