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We love volunteers

Volunteer at The RPS

Volunteers are intrinsic to many of our departments and we have a great variety of roles to offer across them. Please click on the boxes below to find out about the opportunities

These opportunities range from helping with activities on a local level (e.g. in your Region, Chapter or Group), to being on a Distinctions Panel.

The roles encourage you to use your existing skills and develop new ones. This includes running volunteer teams and events, writing blogs and managing the communications to hanging photos, stewarding at activities and helping run refreshment stands. You can take on a role, or multiple roles and get involved on a weekly basis or volunteer ad-hoc when you can.

Volunteering is a great way to use your skill set and meet new people.

We really do have something for everyone, and we’d love to welcome you to the 500-strong team already volunteering with us

What we Offer

What we offer

These are some of the benefits that volunteering at the RPS can bring

  1. A clear explanation of what your role involves, including relevant training opportunities
  2. Appropriate resources and assistance to help you carry out your role
  3. A full RPS induction and training specific to your role.
  4. Opportunities to expand your skills and experience in relation to your role, and to change or take on additional roles
  5. Recognition for your volunteering
  6. The services of a dedicated Volunteering Manager, responsible for providing guidance and support
  7. Agreed out-of-pocket expenses reimbursed in accordance with Society policy

Volunteering for a Region

Volunteering for a Region

Volunteering for a Group

Volunteers at an event

Volunteering for a Group
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Other ways to Volunteer

Other Volunteering Opportunities
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Volunteer Week - Thanks to our Amazing Volunteers

Volunteer Week - Volunteer Service